Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feast of The Annunciation

Happy feast of the Annunciation! As a friend wrote on Facebook, only 9 more months until Christmas. Did anyone else make that connection? A lot of people are still figuring it out. lol.

Today we celebrate the day that the St. Gabriel the Archangel let Our Blessed Mother know she was to be the mother of the Son of God. This has to be one of my favorite feast days of the year. I've always felt a special connection to the Blessed Virgin Mary, (though I don't think I have been a good daughter, but that's another story) and the fact that today reminds us of the great love she had for God, and subsequently for us.

When I pray the Rosary of Mondays and Saturdays (the days when we have the Joyful Mysteries), I am quite frequently in awe every time I start the first mystery -- the Annunciation. Though I've prayed the Rosary countless times, and it never changes in terms of the prayers said, there is something about this particular mystery that has reduced me to tears... and has reminded me of the sacrifice Our Lord has done for us. It also reminds me to keep giving thanks to Our Blessed Mother for all she did, and has done, for us as well.

Why not praying the Rosary today, in honor of this wonderful feast day? Or, better yet, why not do something nice for your mom? It doesn't have to be some grand gesture. Something as simple washing the dishes or helping her carry something is more than enough. If you can't be with your mother today, why not thank God for both of your mothers -- the one that gave birth to/raised/adopted you and our Heavenly Mother who is always looking out for us?

And now, I'm going to take my own suggestions and do something nice for my own mother. :D

I hope everyone has had a good week thus far!

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless.

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