Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Give Me Fever

Do I smell a conspiracy? We're days away from Holy Thursday and I, of course, have a low grade fever. It was at 99.7 last time I checked. This is my first fever since about late last year (I want to say October, if not as early as July-August) but still... argh! Ash Wednesday? Stuck in bed because of pain. Palm Sunday? Anxiety and general weakness that prevented me from walking to Mass. Are you kidding me? *sigh* I hope I, at least, make it to Easter Sunday's Mass. *hopes and prays* If I still have a fever by then, I am asking St. Benedict of Nursia for his intercession. After all, he's the patron saint against fevers. Hopefully he'll intercede for me so that I can at least go to Mass. Even if it's for that hour and a half (I am including walking time), I'll take it.

Anyway, no entry tonight. I will hopefully post last Sunday and Monday's posts when I feel well enough. In the meantime, you can ask me any question here. May keep me entertained if I get stuck in bed.

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far. :)

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless.


ccc13 said...

Hi Emmy--

I came across this while trying to find something about how bad it would be to miss Mass on Easter. I had a horribly rough week, missing Palm Sunday, and all the Holy Week Masses in between so far. Mostly it was because of depression and some marital problems, but today, I overslept, missing all of the daytime Masses and only have the 5:30 Mass ahead of me. Both my husband and I are feeling under the weather, possibly our mutually rough week catching up to us physically, and I have some aches and a fever but it is so low that I'm not sure it would "excuse" me from going to Mass on Easter of all days. I usually go every week.
I said a little prayer to St. Benedict of Nursia too---I had no idea there was a Patron Saint of Fevers until I read that. However, I also know that Mass will be filled to capacity with all the C.A.P.E. Catholics and that means more germs and/or more people to possibly infect should this be the start of the flu or something. Plus, it couldn't just be for an hour as this Mass always runs long anyway with the choir (and a tone deaf one at that), and in addition I must take into account having to get there 20 min. early (at least) to find parking and a seat, then I face having to wade through the inevitable sea of people
all leaving at the same time, plus the traffic backup from everyone trying to drive out of the parking lot. All in all, I'm looking at 1.5-2 hours of stress and aggravation on top of already feeling bad to begin with.
So, you are not alone in your frustration. I guess my dilemma is; which is worse---missing Mass on Easter? Going to Mass feeling like this? or suffering the resulting guilt should I not go.
This would be the first ever Easter Mass I've missed.
Any advice?

Emmy Cecilia said...

I wish i could give you a straight answer. I myself have missed MANY Masses, including today's due to anxiety and dizziness. I can go to Mass like this but my fear is that I'd faint. I've already had my good cry over this today.

As for your situation, if you truly feel like you wouldn't make it (as in, you'd feel like you would faint, or you feel weak... or if you'd be in and out of the pew for whatever reason), I'd say missing Mass is understandable. It's not a sin because, though you really want to attend, you simply can't. A sin is not going or using whatever little excuse not to go even though you feel alright. I know the feeling of guilt will be there (I usually have it as well), but since you are ill, you are excused. You can watch Mass via EWTN if you don't want to Miss anything (that's what I'm doing). Of course it doesn't substitute for the real thing but it's better than nothing.

I truly hope you feel better soon!

- Emmy Cecilia