Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday Patience

This is the first Palm Sunday in which I have missed Mass. Unfortunately, I felt too weak to walk, and the fact that I didn't sleep well has made the anxiety bothersome. *sigh* I am getting really tired of this whole "missing Mass" thing. I will once again blame the enemy for it, because (what a coincidence) I hadn't felt week or sick until today. *palmface* (No pun intended.)

One thing I need to do today is have a lot of patience with my classmates. One of them said, with great confidence, that Muhammad and the Quran came before Jesus Christ and the Bible. A majority of my classmates are also either doubting the Bible and/or saying that the Quran is more accurate. There is always one class in which people gang up on Christianity. Last Spring, it was Philosophy of World Religions. Last semester was Philosophy of Monotheistic Religions. This semester it's Intro to World History. Hopefully this trend will not continue next year.

I also need to have patience with the exam taking process. I studied more than I usually do... and I received a 4/10 on this quiz. Why such a long grade? Because I answered the correct answers regarding Christianity and Judaism, and not the wrong answers the secular professors want me to swallow. Are... you... kidding... me? *sigh* Oh well, if I don't do too well in this class... I'll take it. Just like Phil. of Mono. Religions, in which I received a C despite doing pretty well, I will refuse to compromise my beliefs just to earn a good grade. Thankfully this is just a throw away class that won't count so... yeah. :D

Alright, I still have to study (it never ends).

I hope everyone had a great Palm Sunday. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless.

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