Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deadly Sins Quizzes

Okay, I'll admit that this is one of those filler posts because I am trying really hard to finish all my work on time. Since I don't get to post many quizzes, I thought it would be fun to post these Deadly Sin quizzes I've taken (and which you can also take) via Blogthings. Take the answers with a grain of salt as they don't actually reflect Catholic beliefs... they're just a fun way to see how the secular world you rate your "deadly sins".

Your Gluttony Quotient: 38%

You have a pretty good relationship with food - you enjoy it, but you don't go overboard. You've struck the perfect balance between gluttony and self control.

Your Sloth Quotient: 46%

You're definitely lazier than the average person, but you're able to live a somewhat normal life. All your life needs is a little more effort and variety, and you might see that doing hard things is actually fun!

Your Pride Quotient: 20%

You the furthest thing from prideful - truly humble.You don't consider anyone or anything beneath you.

Your Envy Quotient: 11%

Envious? You? No way! You're happy with what you've got going on, and what someone else has doesn't change that. When people succeed, you are happy for them. You know you'll get yours eventually!

Your Wrath Quotient: 11%

Revenge, anger, rage? They're hardly words in your vocabulary. If someone wrongs you, you move on. You rather be indifferent than upset.

Your Lust Quotient: 6%

Congratulations, you have your lust under control. It's not that you aren't a lustful person, you just like to save it for the perfect occasion!

Your Greed Quotient: 13%

You're anything but greedy. You're eager to share and give to others. For you, collecting material possessions is more trouble than it's worth!

So apparently I'm mostly lazy and gluttonous. Really, now? That's interesting. /sarcasm. lol. Like I said, don't take these things seriously as some of the options/questions were kind of "meh."

I will take this opportunity to say that if you have committed one of these deadly sins and have not confessed, what are you waiting for? Lent is a great time to confess!

Alright, the homework will not do itself (drat! lol).

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless.

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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Good to see you're keeping all that under control :p