Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bella, A Little Romance, and Aaron Shust.

I just got done watching the movie Bella. My goodness! I absolutely loved it! It was a lot different than what I expected but loved it nonetheless. It was so real. There were no overbearing clich├ęs... the film was absolutely perfect! The acting was superb, the story itself is a little jewel; I am completely in love with this film. It definitely has a pro-life message but they didn't do it in a manner that would've overwhelmed the mainstream audience. I believe the male lead, Jose, had a Rosary in his hands in one very emotional scene. Bonus points for that! I understand why people were recommending it... and why Fr. Stan was raving about it a few months ago. I won't go into detail for those who haven't seen the film, so just take my word for it... it's a must see movie! It was the perfect way to end movie night. :D

Speaking of movie night, I got a head start on it by watching a little 1979 film called A Little Romance. I believe it was Diane Lane's film debut, too. Anyway, I also loved that film. I had my doubts, especially since I don't know anyone else who had seen it, but I immediately fell in love with it. What is up with the films I've been watching lately? They all make me want to own the DVDs instead of getting them from Netflix! lol. Anyway, the film was a little cheesy but I loved it anyway. Some parts of the story could only happen in a film but it was still great. The idea of two 13 year-olds running away to a foreign country to sort of cement their love before they are separated makes the hopeless romantic in me swoon and the romance realist say "Well, that's just silly of them to do that!" What can I say? I am pretty much always torn between the logical and the fanciful.

One thing that's been inspiring me lately is Aaron Shust's music. If you haven't heard of him, I seriously recommend visiting his website here or his myspace here... or if you have iTunes, go search him! I kept hearing his music in different places and I really liked it so, hey, why not check him out? Actually, his last album has been the current soundtrack to the novel writing process. His song, "Give Me Words to Speak", is the one that started me on his music... and it's been on loop on my iTunes pretty much since I bought it. lol. Here is the song, performed live, that I found on youtube.

I chose the live version so you can see that he's the real deal and isn't one of those manufactured musicians. Oh yeah, and as I wrote The Story (as I am calling it), I had it on repeat. Oh yeah. It definitely helps me get back into that state of mind. :D

Alright, well, I'm overflowing with ideas for my novel so I should write them before I forget. As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D

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