Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updated Blog Layout

I took some things off the layout (like Twitter) and added a slideshow and list of names my patron and favorite saints appear in. I think the slideshow looks kind of neat. :D I realized when I was about to add St. Maria Goretti as a new patron saint (I feel a strong bond with her) that just listing all the saints I love would take up all the right side panel. So, a slideshow was in order. :D That way I don't have to compromise who I do and don't feature. :D I also moved some things around. It was about time. :D

Oh, and if you missed a post which is no longer up -- I will never seriously talk about my relationships on this blog. Who I give my heart to remains a mystery to even my closest friends (only my sister and mother know what's going on at all times). If you see me write something about a "hunky Danish boyfriend" followed by a little side note to a friend, it's an inside joke. The only times I will mention anything in this part of my life will be when I get (seriously) engaged and/or married. Otherwise, anything I may mention is strictly dreams I've had or inside jokes with friends who read the blog.

Alright, well, I'm still feeling a bit sick (I've had a stomach bug for a few days now and it's getting worse every day, boo!) so I'm gonna go rest. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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