Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Vol. 7: Crummy Week Edition

-- 1 --
Guess who's finishing her novel tonight. ME!!! Finally! After years of work (on and off because of school, work, and familial responsibilities), it shall be done. I have to admit that I'm procrastinating on the final chapter. It's in my mind and I just need to write it down but I am reluctant to do so. I know I need to finish it as it represents one chapter of my life and I'm ready to move on to the next. Still, I am not ready. I will shed big crocodile tears. lol. I will write more about this soon.

-- 2 --
I applied to my top pick for my post-BA/pre-MA program at the end of last week but got everything sent in this week. Since I didn't major in SLP (Speech-Language Pathology), I need to do all the undergrad coursework before I can apply for the MA program. The school I applied to is out of state but they have a great online program (it comes highly recommended by those who have been in my shoes) so I am keeping my fingers crossed. As of today, they've received only one of my transcripts but I am sure they'll have everything by next week. Prayers please?

-- 3 -- 
It's been a stressful and busy week so I've been pretty M.I.A. from Twitter for that reason. Tons of work (though, funnily enough, one of the few non-stressful things in my life right now) has kept me occupied which is why I haven't blogged either. I'm hoping next week slows down a bit because I feel drained both physically and emotionally. Yup, it's been one of those weeks. I need tea and music. Stat!

-- 4 --
My faith was seriously challenged this week. Not in the "I don't believe this" way, but in the "what's more important?" way. There were serious temptations to place a greater importance on other things and I wasn't happy about it. When I did catch myself doing it, it was like my entire being rejected the temptation. Remember when you were little and you ate so much of something you loved... and then it made you sick? Kind of like that. I became angry at myself for allowing it to happen. I honestly felt like I was being suffocated and trapped (like a really bad panic attack for those of you who know what that feels like; like an elephant sitting on your chest) for a good two days afterward. Thankfully I'm back on track now but it was a hard couple of days.

-- 5--
I finished the St. Therese novena this past Monday night and I almost immediately received roses from her. On her feast day I saw a pink rose beginning to bloom where there were no other roses. I was talking to my mom about school (see #2) when it happened. I actually stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the rose and said "St. Therese?" I walked by the same area today but didn't see the rose I saw on Tuesday. Instead there were red and pink roses I hadn't seen earlier this week. *shrugs* I'm counting it as signs. ;)

-- 6 --
Okay, this is sort of "grumpy" topic but I need to say this. I am not comfortable with the level of familiarity and downright disrespect some people (especially men) are displaying with me both online and offline. People with whom I've talked to maybe once or twice online (in brief messages, no less) or have never spoken to in person seem to feel like they have a right to speak to me as if they have authority over me. Others treat me like I'm a child who doesn't know better. I have to ask: why? Why the amount of disrespect? Why are you meddling in my business... and on things I don't even discuss? I like to think that I behave and carry myself in a manner that says "I'm friendly but don't cross any boundaries." So, please... be kind. I was already stressed out so this level of rudeness is really making me a real grump.

--7 --
If anyone else is having a crummy week, I hope this .gif makes you smile. :)

'Til next time, thanks for reading and God bless! :D


Lady Jane said...

My favorite is the Belle gif. <333 I love that movie.

I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend! <3

Emmy Cecilia said...

Thanks, Jane. <3