Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

It took me a couple of days to post another blog but here I am... and right on time for the New Year! Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully everyone had fun partying or whatever it was that you crazy kids did. :D I just stayed home, in my pajamas, and watched T.V. and got in touch with my Spanish heritage by keeping the grape-eating tradition at midnight. Oh yeah... I am a party animal! lol. You bet I made those wishes on most of those grapes, too. lol. It was fine, though, because I finished my clean-a-thon a mere hour before midnight and all I wanted was to sit down and relax.

I was able to do my clean-a-thon in a day (well, couple of hours), like I wanted but I was entirely too stressed during it. I woke up late from a nap so I was rushed and it was not pleasant. lol. Unfortunately, I didn't get help when I needed it. My mom did me a huge favor by shredding the schoolwork that piled up so I am extremely grateful she did that for me. When I needed help from dad to move my EXTREMELY HEAVY wooden desk, I didn't get it until the very end when I was done. I wasn't supposed to do any heavy lifting but, pfft, no one helped me and I don't like wasting my time. I carried the computer (I have a desktop PC) to and from the desk, carried the shelves and drawers I could take out to make it less heavy, moved (one side at a time) my desk and everything. End product is great though. It's so clean and neat and now I have a place to comfortably put my guitar on the side so I have easier access to it. One of the things that I did not like... the pain I am feeling today. My arms don't feel too bad but my back and my legs... aysh. I couldn't walk for most of the day so I mainly stayed in bed (which was not fun). When I did walk all you could hear was me going "ow... ow... ow." lol. I know I'm not supposed to laugh (and that I should not be happy that all my dad did was laugh at me when I was moving all the heavy stuff by myself), but I find it funny that I kept going "ow... ow... ow." lol. I'm a weird one, I know. :D That just goes to show that when I want things done, I'll get them done even if I will be in pain afterwards. Hooray for being Miss Independent. And, no, that wasn't meant to be sarcastic; just letting my inner feminist come out to celebrate for a bit. :D

I got some awesome news yesterday -- my echocardigram came back normal and it looks like my heart's structure is great too. Whoo! I almost passed out in the waiting room but that was a mixture of lack of sleep and food... and mostly stress according to the doc. Eh. The most important thing is that my heart is healthy and all I have to do is make sure I get some rest and eat plenty (and not stress out) and I will be okay. :D And now... for a happy jitter bug dance. *does jitter bug* lol.

Since today was New Year's Day, and a day of obligation, I really wanted to go to mass but I could barely walk so I had to settle for watching part of it on EWTN. I have to admit, I am bummed out I didn't make it. I do look forward to this weekend, though, because I want to see if that young Polish priest will be giving the mass. He's one of my favorites. He's really nice and you feel really comfortable talking to him during confessions. It's also been a while since I've been to an English mass, usually go to the Spanish one with my parents, so I'm excited. Yes, I actually get excited about going to mass. :D

And, keeping with the New Year's theme... apparently EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone) wants me to relax this year so I will make that my resolution. I wasn't planning on having any this year but I started thinking about it after one of my good friends brought it up. I decided to have three. My resolutions this year are: 1) Relax and not worry about every little detail (blame my Type-A personality for that, lol). 2) Get out of the house as much as possible... and do things for myself more often. And 3) Finish at least one of the novels I'm working on before my next birthday. Hopefully I can accomplish them. Oh, I should probably add "stop procrastinating" to that list but I've gotten better at it so we'll see how I do this year. :D

Okay, well, that's all for today. I still haven't said the Rosary today and I've got about 18 minutes before the day ends so I better get to it. Thanks for reading, God Bless and may you have a happy New Year. :D

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