Saturday, January 26, 2008

Storms, Apathetic Neighbors, St. Teresa of Avila and Our Lady sketch.

My internet, cable and phone services were down for nearly 48 hours due to the storm we've been experiencing in Southern California since Monday. I have to admit... I didn't realize how impatient I'd get without it. Not being able to communicate with friends who are off in different parts of the country, and different countries, was tough. Texting and phone calls made it a bit better but for those who's numbers I don't have and needed to talk to... yikes. I do have internet on my cell phone but I can do limited things with it. Bah! Thankfully, everything's working again... though I lost a lot of valuable time (I have deadlines).

What really struck me about the whole incident was that even though all the neighbors also had the same problem, no one bothered to pick up their cell phones and call about the problem. I was the only one. If at least two more people had called, they would've sent someone immediately, the day it had gone down. Unfortunately, most of my neighbors are apathetic towards basically everything. No mail being delivered? No one calls except me. The cable is out? No one says anything except me. It's a little hard to get things done quicker when no one else says anything. This is bordering on me complaining but I don't want to complain. I just think it's not good that no one else cares about anything else that happens in the neighborhood. Don't get me started on how they make noise at all hours of the night... or how they blast their music when you're trying to sleep. I cannot wait until I move out in a few months. lol. :D

Since I had no cable or even basic t.v. I had to rely on DVDs. I started watching this DVD on the personality and prayer of St. Teresa of Avila which is very interesting. I keep finding more and more coincidences that we share (down to the 3 dimples she had and I have). The DVD, and story of her life, has really inspired me to do a lot of things... and change other things about myself. I think it's really cool that I've found a saint that I can identify with even though we're obviously very different and she was a saint and I'm clearly not. lol. Still... I've gotten so excited about learning more about her. That is something I will be doing during Lent... when I am not working on my book.

Ooh, and I FINALLY got a chance to upload my first (rough) sketch of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This sketch has inspired me to write a book for kids. Okay, before you really look at it, let me say it was my first attempt to draw her. Also, I have VERY limited sketching skills (I work better with paint and a brush).

This definitely inspired me to write for kids. Yeah! :D And I apologize for the quality... the scanner didn't do a good job. It's a lot more detailed in person.

Alright, well, I still have a lot of work to do (that I couldn't do because of the outage) and I'm listening to Fr. Roderick's "Catholic Insider" episode he did at a hockey game (he's currently in Canada)... and the podcast is AWESOME! lol. Anyhoo, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D

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