Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Posting Blip

Of course I would spend Lent sick in bed. *sigh* I slept 17 hours (though not the complete 17 hours) today. I have never been been this fatigued before. At least there has not been any pain. I also fasted (in a way) because of the sleep. Hey, maybe this is God's way of making me fast without the hypoglycemia. It's what I wanted to do but was upset I couldn't. Anyway, I will try posting something longer tomorrow... God willing.

I hope everyone had a great Ash Wednesday!

See y'all soon. :D
- Emmy Cecilia

P.S. No picture or fancy signature because I'm writing and posting this from my iPod touch. :D


5thsister said...

God had the same plans for me. Get well.

Emmy Cecilia said...

Felt better a few days later. Thank you. :D