Monday, June 29, 2009

Mass Intentions; Letters to Our Blessed Mother.

I had one busy day today. I went to two different hospitals (one to renew my health insurance, the other to visit my dad), I had to take care of dad's car insurance, and then we went to the parish I've grown up attending. I haven't been there since a little before dad got sick, choosing to go to the nearby parish instead. It was because it was easier and closer to home. I've missed going to my parish so we decided to make the trip out there, even if it's on the bus. While we were there we decided to add a few Mass intentions to their list. This Saturday, July 4th (at 7 a.m.; no, I don't mind that I have to get up super early for it), there will be one for Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.

Though we have not see the miracle we'd like, to see dad completely healed, I feel in my heart that he's already interceded for us in another way. Since I started praying and asking for his intercession, my parents and I have been a lot more at peace with everything. Not to say we're more apathetic to everything that's going on... but it seems like we've all accepted that whatever happens is God's will and we're all okay with that. I've always said that but now my parents and family members have also begun to say it. The fact that we're all united, that everyone is praying more, that we're closer to God, and that we've all somehow found strength within ourselves might just be the miracle we were looking for. Either way, I wanted a Mass dedicated in honor of the memory of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and I chose it on July 4th because that's his day.

The next day we have two back-to-back Masses to attend. The first is in English (at 9 a.m.) and the Mass intention is in the memory of my older brother, Moises, who passed away before I was born. He was only 11 months old when he died and I'm sorry I never got to know him. The second Mass, in Spanish (at 10:30 a.m.), will be for my dad's health -- he started going downhill, fast, again today :( -- and for Our Lady of Guadalupe. I do not mind that I have 3 Masses to attend in 2 days. In fact, if I could attend Mass every day, I totally would. :) Oh, and I've been asked to keep some of y'all updated on the Masses so if anyone's in the San Fernando Valley or are in the L.A. area and are willing to make the trek out here for any of the Masses, please let me know and I'll tell you at which parish they are taking place at. :)

I'm about to go start a new notebook full of letters to Our Blessed Mother, but before I do I should explain what exactly that is. A year ago I started writing letters to Our Blessed Mother. It began, prior to my starting the novel, as a way to get everything off my chest. Though I'm open with my close friends, I don't disclose everything because I'm somewhat of a private person when it comes to certain things. Because of this, I've kept a lot bottled up. When I was going through a particularly bad experience last year, I decided to write out what I was feeling -- good and/or bad. I haven't written in a couple of weeks but I'm in the triple digits. Since I feel like that chapter of my life is close (I've interesting to see how much you've gone through in a year), I decided to start a new one. With everything that's going on with dad, as well as my personal life, it's time to start writing again. I know it may be weird but it's the best way I can deal with everything. I've been encouraged to turn the letters into a book but I couldn't do it. It's far too personal. On it are things that no living person knows about and I'd like to keep it like that for an extremely long time, thankyouverymuch. lol.

Okay, so, as I said, I am going to do that now that I'm in a very contemplative mood. Listening to Gregorian Chant music will do that to you. :D Oh, and, again, if you're interested in coming to one of the Masses, email me and let me know... or, if you're a person I know in RL, then just text or call me and I'll give you the details. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :)


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

While I won't be making it out that way for Masses, I'll offer my Holy Communion this week for your intentions :)

I totally agree with you, even though my blog is much of my outlet for my own interior struggles with somethings, I don't mention everything, (perhaps I really should start keeping up my journal again)

Miss C.N.W. said...

No worries, Joe. :D And thank you. :D

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

No problem :)

PartyGurle said...

I love the feeling of release when writing. It's an outlet that I sorely miss with not having the time to write. I keep saying this, but I really must be more disciplined and set aside some time daily to do some writing.

My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.