Monday, April 9, 2018

... I Thought Lent Ended?

In the span of a week:

- I've been insulted off of social media. It happened shortly after my last blog post on social media. Great timing, really. lol. I took the weekend off and will resume to take the week off, baring prayer requests or something urgent. My stress levels online have been off the charts lately. Taking the weekend off was good for me but it wasn't enough. I need a slightly longer break from it.

- My car has had to go back to the mechanic's... twice. The radiator on my car popped while Mom and I were out. The car released a lot of smoke and we were scared for a while (until we knew what had happened). Thankfully, I have AAA and the tow to the mechanic's was covered. I've already spent almost all of our tax refund on car repairs and, if you know our economic situation, you know that more repairs will hurt us further.

- My dizziness and vertigo have gotten worse. Well, it was worse over the weekend but had somehow behaved today. I was thankful for that because it meant getting out of the house to get food that wasn't rice or potatoes. Yes, that was basically my entire diet for days. Did I not mention we've had car trouble, I've been too dizzy to leave the house, and we've had financial issues? It's fun being me. lol.

- I think my anemia is back. I've had some symptoms over the last couple of days which are pointing to a possible return of anemia. Insert a Darth Vadar "nooooooo" meme here.

- I missed Mass again yesterday because of my dizziness. I couldn't walk in a straight line from my bed to the bathroom. Yeah, that bad. I somehow felt a sense of peace about the situation though. Not a peace because I was missing Mass, but more like God was saying to me, "It's okay. I know you can't go. I know you want to go. Be at peace."

I should get my car back tomorrow. I hope the damage isn't too bad and that we don't have to spend the rest of our refund on the repairs.

I'm also getting blood drawn tomorrow (latest round of blood work). I hope and pray for good news because I could use some good news. I hope I'm wrong on the anemia front and I hope that my platelets are behaving as well.

I hope to get my car early enough to be able to go to confession at a nearby parish. I know that I'm technically excused on the missing Mass front because I couldn't even walk more than 2 feet without needing to be spotted by my mother... who caught me when I nearly (accidentally) bumped into our hallway wall.

I need prayers. I don't know what's up with this prolonged Lent-type thing but I could use some prayers if you can spare some.

Can I offer some of this up for any of you? Please leave a comment here, send me a DM on Twitter (because I won't see @ tweets), or private message me through the blog's FB page since I will get the email and read them that way without having to log into the accounts.

I hope y'all are having a better time than I am. lol.

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :)


che said...

Emmy, please keep Katie in your offerings and prayers. Here's a note about her situation.
On December 19th 2017, Katie Foster, a bright and energetic seventh grader at Kiser Middle School, suffered a spontaneous brain bleed and was rushed into surgery. A few days later, Katie underwent a second brain surgery to remove a blood clot caused by the bleed, and shortly after suffered a stroke.
Katie's outgoing and loving personality are evident even in the early weeks of her recovery. She is quick to smile and give visitors a thumbs up! Katie was discharged from Wiston Salem Hospital rehab center on Wednesday January 24th, and returned home to her grandparents. While Katie's strength and determination shine through, she and her guardians (The Armstrongs) have a long, uphill road to recovery. Katie will come home to her grandparents, Ken and Ginna Armstrong, needing a handicap accessible home (entrance ramps, bathroom modifications, accommodations for a wheel chair as she hasn't gained full use of her right side). She will need extensive physical and cognitive therapy to help her relearn daily tasks of living, and gain skills that will get her ready to eventually return to Kiser Middle School.

As you can see, she and her family are in great need of our prayers and sufferings to help them during this challenging time. Thank you for being willing to help them in your own times of challenge. Your sister in Carmel. -sheila

Emmy Cecilia said...

Of course, Sheila. Please keep me updated on Katie!