Wednesday, October 19, 2016

54-day Rosary Novena: Who Wants to Join?

I've been thinking of doing the 54-day Rosary novena for several weeks now. With everything that's been going on with me (health-wise) and everything going on with Mom at her work (read: mental and emotional abuse), I thought it was time to do this novena. I've had the "everything that can go wrong, will go wrong" experience the last 3-4 times I've done the novena so I've always thought twice about doing it again. The last time we did it wasn't as bad possibly because we had a large number of people doing it, including a priest.

I kept going back and forth on doing it until I read the article that Tiffany wrote on Catholic Mom about the benefits of doing this novena to prepare for Advent. That's when I took it as a sign to do it. I'd read somewhere (I can't remember exactly where) that it was a good idea to start the novena on All Saints' Day ending on Christmas Eve since it was exactly 54 days.

Over a week ago, I posted a message on this blog's Facebook Page, asking if anyone else would be interested in doing the novena as well. I was not expecting more than one or two responses but was glad to see so many people wanting to participate in it. :) I then posted the link on Twitter and more people jumped on board.

This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to join in praying this novena. You can pray it for any intention you may have or you can ask others for their intentions if you don't have a big one yourself. You can do this novena using either the original format or the modified version which includes the Luminous Mysteries. I've only done it using the Luminous Mysteries in previous novenas but I may try the original format this time around. This website has both versions so you can choose which version you'd like to do.

"I'm interested in doing it but I'm terrible at remembering novenas days..." you may be saying to yourself. That is no problem. If you need a reminder, I will happily send it to your way. Just let me know which way you'd prefer to be contacted (getting tagged on a Twitter tweet, through the Facebook page, or via an email) and I'll send the daily reminder. I'll include what day we're on for both original and modified versions of the novena so you don't have to worry about getting the days mixed up.

For those who have heard horror stories about what can and has happened during the novena ("everything that can go wrong, will go wrong"), I want to reassure you that it doesn't happen to everyone. Yes, I've experienced it myself for each novena but other people who've prayed the novena with me have had no negative experiences. I can also attest that the rewards greatly outweigh any incidents that may happen during the novena. This is a very powerful novena and I highly recommend it if you have big, heavy intentions. Trust God, pray the St. Michael Archangel prayer, and try not to think about anything but the graces you may receive during the novena. :)

Again, the novena begins on November 1st and ends on December 24th. If you're interested in doing the novena please let me know (or remind me again) before October 31st so I can keep track of the people partaking in it on my prayer journal. If you want to bail on the novena at some point for whatever reason, don't worry about it; just let me know so I won't send you reminders. :)

Alright... so, who's in?


Niki Chris said...

I'll do it. I have a book that I have used the previous times, it's the one without the Luminous Mysteries although I have prayed it with the Luminous Mysteries before. It will just be easier because I will be travelling for 10 days within this period. I was actually thinking about it and this is the perfect incentive that I need. By the way I'm Nikki

Emmy Cecilia said...

Welcome aboard, Niki. Will you need a daily reminder?

Niki Chris said...

Probably not I'm usually good about novena. Although the accountability wouldn't hurt/