Monday, December 28, 2015

Why is Sensitivity Such a Bad Thing?

I was going to write about yesterday's Mass adventures (and I will, maybe tomorrow) but I read an article on Verily this morning about how sensitivity is seen as a hinderance and I'm sitting here wondering why. I mean, I know it's true -- people see that I'm sensitive and they automatically assume I'm weak -- but why is that?

I've always been sensitive, even when I was a child. Teachers would let my parents know in my report cards. "Melissa is friendly, and a bit too talkative at times, but she's prone to tears." When I see people in pain (whether it be emotional or physical), my first reaction is to tear up. That is then followed by a great desire to help them in any way that I possibly can. I don't see this as a bad thing. Well, no. I can see that there's one downside. I know I have to be careful because sometimes people will want to exploit that sensitivity for their own gain. The words "you're too nice, Jane (Bennet)" have been uttered by some of my closest friends more times than I can count.

My initial reaction to stress, anger, joy, and other (but not all) emotions is tears. Yes, this is why everyone has been banned from singing "Happy Birthday" to me on my birthday. lol. Tears are the way I release emotion so it doesn't bottle up. It's how my body takes care of itself. Some people burst out and yell or hit something when they're angry. Other people jump up and down when they're happy. I tear up... and, okay, I'll occasionally jump up and down when excited as well. lol. Crying doesn't mean that I'm weak; it just means I release emotion in a different manner than others.

I know some guys steer clear when they see that I'm sensitive because they think I'm going to be a weakling who will be pushed around by others. On the flip side, I've also known guys who think that because I'm sensitive, they can do whatever they want. They think that I'm going to bawl my eyes out over everything that's said or done to me. Those who've known me for years will attest to the fact that this is not true. When I cry, it'll last an average of 5 minutes at most... unless the situation is complicated and emotionally taxing. Those who've attempted to treat me like dirt know what a sharp tongue I can have (though I rarely use it). I hate seeing injustices. I don't tolerate being treated like I'm less than human and get more incensed when I see that it's being done to others. I'm stubborn and I will use that to stick up for those I love, even if it's a tough, uphill battle.

Being sensitive has made me very receptive to the emotions of others around me. I'm able to figure out how someone is feeling even if they try to hide it from everyone. I never push them to talk about whether is bothering them but I make myself available to them if needed. I've become the go-to person when friends want to vent, to cry, or to talk through their problems. I'm happy to be of service to those who need it. I may never amount to much or have any "great successes" but the fact that I've been able to help friends through some of their darkest hours is more than enough for me.

When I love (whether platonically or romantically), I love deeply. Even when I get hurt, I don't abandon the person. I may create distance between them and I if I see that friendship or relationship being unnecessarily toxic but I will still care about and pray for the other person. I will "go down this ship" as they say.

So, again, not seeing why being sensitive is a bad thing. Can someone clarify this for me? Just like this world needs people with the courage to fight and to put themselves out there for the good of mankind, it also needs us who are more attuned to emotions and are more in the background.

Anyway, just wanted to put in my two cents on this subject.

I think I'm going to go ahead and write tomorrow's blog post today and just schedule it because I still really want to share what happened yesterday. :D It may not be significant to others but it was to me. :)

I hope y'all are having a great start of week! Don't forget to vote in the patron saint poll! There's less than 48 hours to go!

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D

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