Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Car Accident and Guardian Angel

I don't think I can talk about too many specifics about the car accident itself since my lawyer, my insurance company, and the police have their investigations open but I'll write what I think I can talk about.

As many of you heard via social media, yes, I did have a car accident earlier this week. I'd actually just gotten home from spiritual direction and had decided to go get some food since we (mom and I) were hungry. Mom decided to stay home while I tried to go to In-N-Out for burger and fries.

The accident happened right outside my apartment building, which was a blessing. An ambulance had to be called since there were some injuries on my end. I had to be taken to the hospital. I don't know who told them to take me to the nearby Catholic hospital -- a block away from where my dad is buried, no less -- but I'm grateful. I was treated well and was grateful for all the help. To the witnesses who rushed to my aid, our apartment manager, maintenance workers, neighbors, paramedics, ER nurses and doctor, and police officers: may God bless each of you for being there for us during this time.

This is what I wanted to share with you: my thoughts/feelings about the incident and a story that I was hesitant about sharing at first but decided it needed to be shared.

First, I have absolutely no ill will towards the other driver. Neither does my mother. I have absolutely no anger in me. All I feel is gratitude. I have neighbors who were there and friends who saw how badly my car ended up who were/are furious but we (mom and I) were just grateful that it wasn't more serious. Police have each side of the story and I'm sure that, by the impact and the witnesses, they will come to the honest conclusion of who caused the accident. The paramedics themselves figured it out by the injuries and how the cars ended up so I have no doubt that the police will as well. I pray that the person who caused the accident takes responsibility for it and that it all gets resolved quickly.

Second, mom and I had a very interesting experience that made us feel like my guardian angel was there with me the entire time. If you're one of those who've seen the state of my car... you know the accident could've been much worse for me as far as injuries go. I sincerely believe that my guardian angel helped me escape something worse.

Mom and I were talking about what happened the day after the accident and we both talked about our experiences with an unknown young man.

My side of the story: All I remember is a young man with sunglasses kneeling down next to me while I sat on the sidewalk after I got out of my car which wouldn't decelerate. He said he could help me; that he had people who could take care of me and help me. He got my name and number and stayed with me even when those who knew me (such as our building manager and maintenance work) came to check on me. I don't think I can say all he said to me but let's say that he was a witness and was unhappy with how the other driver had handled the situation. He told me not to worry about anything. He stayed with me until the paramedics came. I didn't see him after the paramedics took over but he was there from, what I can remember, the moment I got out of my car until the ambulance came.

Mom's side of the story: while the paramedics attended to me, he talked to mom. Mom said he told her -- in perfect Spanish, no less -- to calm down because she was hysterical. He told her to not worry, that everything was going to be fine, that I was going to be fine (I'd only be bruised), and that she needed to trust God because He was going take care of us. She told me that as soon as he mentioned God, she stopped crying and felt an overwhelming peace in her heart. He didn't leave her side until she calmed down and it was time for the ambulance to take me to the E.R.

We don't know where this young man came from or where he went. He seemed to have disappeared shortly after they put me on a stretcher (precautions) but I'm grateful for that stranger's kindness.

This is the interesting part: while he knelt down besides me, the thought "I wonder if this guy is my guardian angel..." came to mind but I didn't say anything to anyone because, well, some people will have their opinions of it. I actually felt sharp (focused) and calm in that moment. When my mom came in to check on me the next morning, she said to me, "you know what? A thought came to me while I was ironing... what if that guy was your guardian angel?" Then she told me her story. Later in the day, we saw neighbors (some of whom came over to check to see how I was doing) and one of the women who comforted my mom had said that they didn't see him there. We described him but she said she couldn't remember anyone who looked like him.

My good friend, Alli (who is also the mama of my godson, Neil Flynn), set up a GoFundMe account because we heard that the other driver didn't have car insurance (I can't verify this as fact because I was taken to the hospital but was told by a couple of people who stayed at the scene until my car had to be pushed back into my parking spot) and my car insurance only covered liability (because, as y'all know, mom and I have been in financially strained and couldn't afford better). I'm not saying "donate" because I know many of us are in tight financial situations but if you could please pray that we can get what is necessary for any costs that won't be covered, I'd greatly appreciate it. We greatly rely on a car because (as y'all have come to figure out by my 4/5 a.m. PST tweets) I drive mom to work in the pre-dawn hours and public transportation in our neighborhood is incredibly dangerous at that hour. Seriously, prayers are amazing.

Anyway, that's it for now. I just took a break to write this so I can now focus solely on what I need to turn in for my classes. I've read a bit but I'm sooo behind because of all the doctor's appointments, the calls (so many calls), and everything else I've had to deal with post-accident. If y'all have a prayer to spare, prayers that my headache gets better and the mental fatigue lessens so I can knock out an assignment tonight, I'd appreciate it.

I hope everyone had a better week (ha!) and that y'all have a great rest of weekend!

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D


che said...

Emmy, I am glad to hear that you were not more seriously injured in the accident. St. Maria Goretti's relics will be at my parish on Friday. I will remember you and your mother and your intentions when I go to make a visit.

Emmy Cecilia said...

Thank you, Che! God bless you.

AnneMarie said...

I got chills reading your story!!!! Wow, that is so amazing how God was bringing you and your mom support in the time of the accident, and it's even cooler if it was your angel (which I think could very well be the case). I will be praying for everyone involved; my parents have been through a couple of really bad accidents, and it's super sad that sometimes, those at fault don't want to take responsibility and just make the whole process messy and painful. Hopefully everything will be resolved fairly and smoothly!

Emmy Cecilia said...

Thanks, AnneMarie! Yeah, I feel like this is going to be a long process since the guy apparently had no insurance and possibly no license. Again, this is based on information my neighbor (who took over because I was out of it) relayed back to me.

angelsteph said...


I am so glad you're okay! I was also in an accident this week and grateful that I wasn't injured (aside from a few bruises). I didn't have a guardian angel (that I know of!) that day but I did have one on a previous accident in college. I feel so grateful that I can count my car accidents on one hand, but none of them ended very well for the cars involved. This time the car was totaled so I'm looking for something new to me. I'm glad we're both okay and hope you can be on to a new vehicle soon when God provides!

Modesto Culbertson said...

My dad was a strong believer in placing a small guardian angel on the dashboard of his truck. He safely drove 50 years without getting in an accident. The one time his truck was totaled was while he was asleep in the house and a drunk plowed into it in front of the house. I carry tat little angel in my car now.

Modesto Culbertson @ D & Z Law Group

Oliver said...

Don't worry about sharing a story like this; there are so many out there. While it may have been your guardian angel, it could also have just been an incredibly awesome person that knew how to handle a chaotic situation and had empathy for you and your mom. Either way, glad he was there for you. Glad to hear you are safe.

Oliver @ Little Oliver Gallagher