Friday, December 26, 2014

Help Me Choose a Patron for 2015!

Yes, it's that time again... and I'm late posting this! Sorry. Y'all know I've been busy so that's my excuse. :D

I like to do this every year because I always learn something new... or the saint ends up being incredibly relevant to my year. This year's patron, St. Raphael the Archangel, was... wow. I ended up serving as the person many of my friends went to when they were going through relationship issues and/or advice in general. In fact, I think I spent most of the year being some of my guy friends' "wing woman" / serving for advice on engagements. I had no clue I was going to do so much of that when St. Raphael was chosen by y'all. Good job, y'all! lol.

This year's list of potential patrons were chosen based on three things: 1) that they haven't been patrons of this blog before, 2) their patronages were relevant to what I can foresee in my future next year, and 3) they weren't saints I was too familiar with so that I could learn about whoever is chosen throughout the year. I've listed their patronages below in case you're not familiar with them. You can vote for as many as you'd like, too.

Our Lady of Lourdes: illness. Pretty self-explanatory.
St. Albert Magnus (the Great): students; Theology students in particular.
St. Bibiana: Los Angeles and single laywomen.
St. Brigid of Ireland: scholars. This Hibernophile always lists an Irish saint. lol.
St. Catherine of Alexandria: academic, students, teachers, theologians, and unmarried women. Fun fact: Catalina "Lina" Zamora in the novels is named after her.
St. Dominic de Guzman: Dominicans and falsely accused people. I'm also discerning becoming a lay Dominican.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary: bakers, falsely accused people, and tertiaries (third order/lay people).
St. Francis de Sales: authors and teachers.
St. Nicholas of Myra: students, teachers, and unmarried women.
St. Thomas Aquinas: academics, students, and theologians.

Alright, y'all have until December 30th at 11:59 a.m. PST to vote. Yes, noon on the 30th so I can post the winner that day and still have the 31st for my annual "The Year This Nerd..." post. That's less than 4 days from now. Think y'all can vote and/or get others to vote? Please? Thank you! The poll is on the right side, under my novel listings. ----->

That's it for now. I have things to do (when do I not? lol) and only a few daylight hours left. Wish me luck. ;)

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D


Stephen said...

That's not a small or light list to chose from! A challenge indeed, but I think that one that might work well for you, I think that St. Brigid of Ireland might be a worthy one to choose.

Regardless whom you feel drawn most to, I am sure that 2015 will be a spiritually rewarding year for you with the Patron Saint you end up choosing!


PS: This has inspired me to search for a Saint for this coming year as well.

Emmy Cecilia said...

Stephen - not sure if you can see the poll on the right or not so I'm going to manually count this vote. Thanks! And, yes, St. Brigid sounds fantastic! Good luck on your search!

Stephen said...

Oops... I just saw the vote on the side of the page... and voted! :)

Now, to start my search for an inspirational Saint for 2015.

Unknown said...

I can't argue against Dominicans, being as a Lay Dominican postulant myself (given my choice of Religious Name(s) ahead of my novitiate, I'd be personally going for Louis de Montfort & Maximilian Kolbe). Still part of me always suggests St. Drogo - because coffee! (plus, as the patron of the hideous and of coffee shops, he's practically the patron of us singles who might go on blind dates…)


Emmy Cecilia said...

Brian - I don't drink coffee so St. Drogo wouldn't be a good fit for me. Wait... are you saying I'm hideous? lol.

Brian Mood said...

Emmy, I voted for St. Brigid of Ireland since you love Irish. For me this coming year my patron saint is St. Francis de Sales because he is also the patron saint for the deaf of which I am HOH/borderline deaf. Otherwise it would have been a toss up between Aquinas or Dominic for my love of Dominicans!
Have a great year!

Emmy Cecilia said...

Thanks, Brian!