Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to L.A., Archbishop Gomez!

I did the best I could do from my seat and with my aging camera. ;)

I'm not going to try to pretend that I am well-versed enough to write an amazing post about the changes that will happen and how much Archbishop Gomez already means to us. Attempting it might leave me feeling slightly embarrassed but I will say: Thank God for our new archbishop!

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez is officially our new archbishop and I couldn't be happier! Since I am on Spring Break this week I can't go around, frolicking all around campus... but I will next week. :D Of course there will be changes within the Archdiocese but these changes are entirely necessary. Is it too much to hope that these changes will also happen at my CINO college? I know there are people writing (and who've already written and sent their letters) to Archbishop Gomez about the state of my school but that's a whole 'nother topic and blog entry. ;)

As you can see from the (blurry) picture, I was present at the Ceremony of Transition this past Sunday. We got there very early and was able to meet both Cardinal Mahony and Archbishop Gomez. My mom was so excited that she was able to speak to Archbishop Gomez in Spanish; it was so cute. :) Last time L.A. had someone else in charge (other than Cardinal Mahony) was back when I was less than a week old (Cardinal Timothy Manning retired on June 4th, I was born on May 30th) so this was huge for me. With all due respect to Cardinal Mahony, I am excited to have someone who is more "conservative", orthodox and will uphold the teachings of the Church without compromise. To quote a Michael Bublé/Nina Simone song, "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me... and I'm feeling good."

I will admit that I cried a minimum of three times during the Mass. When Cardinal Mahony's coat of arms was taken down and Archbishop Gomez's was put up and when Archbishop Gomez sat in the chair, I cried. I'm sensitive and I'm woman enough to admit that. lol. Seriously, though, they were tears of joy. I was happy, relieved, and excited all at once. It's silly to think this but... I actually thought "Oh good, now I can wear my mantilla and not feel like I'm a walking target." lol. There were women at the Mass wearing mantillas and I felt a solidarity. Things have been looking up since we found out he was coming to L.A. but it was a lot more obvious at the Mass. I may be attending Mass at the Cathedral more often as it's not too far for me, especially since there is a new, warmer, vibe at the Cathedral. :D

Anyway, I fear I will just repeat myself and that my already random cluster of thoughts will leave y'all confused so I should stop writing before I turn into a babbling nerd. :D

Welcome to Los Angeles, Archbishop Gomez! We're glad you already feel at home and we cannot wait to see you lead us into a brighter era. :)


Tina said...

YAY for you! Sounds so exciting!

Claire Christina said...

Congrats on your new archbishop, love! He is a wonderful gift to your archdiocese. :)