Sunday, January 18, 2009

And... Break!; Atheist Buses; Novel Playlist.

While I am missing Mass for the second week in a row (haven't been feeling well for a few days now), I am going to try to distract myself, and avoid tearing up at the prospect of not being at Church, by writing a new blog post. Not thinking about not going to Mass... and not receiving Eucharist. Not thinking about how I haven't gone to confessions in 2 weeks. Not thinking about how horrible I feel when I'm not at Church. Nope, not thinking about it... *mumbles something about 'Stupid Whatever-is-Making-Me-Feel Sick' feeling*

So... I took a week to update. I've been so busy lately, I haven't even been on the computer much. I usually check my messages through my iPod touch throughout the day. Been mainly reading and writing (and distracting myself from the fact that I feel absolutely horrible -- though not because of anxiety.) I did see the thing about the Atheist (or Agnostic) bus ads that are being seen in different European cities. I first saw this on the mobile version of the Catholic News Agency. Are they serious?! Who's the Einstein who came up with these? Well, I know who but... *shakes head* What is this world coming to? I would definitely not get on a bus that had those ads... even if it was late at night... and it was pouring and freezing cold. And I was happy to hear that a Christian bus driver refused to drive one. Rock on!

I seriously don't get these people. First they criticize Catholics, Christians, and other religions groups for supporting things they believe in (such as pro-life)... supposedly "attacking" others while they (liberals) do nothing to provoke those attacks... and then they come out with these things? Hypocritical, aren't we? Before I get into a full blown rant (trust me, this isn't even close to one, lol), I will say that I hope there is some sort of protest or boycott of those things until the ads are removed. I'm well aware that Europe is increasingly apathetic when it comes to religion, but come on! (/mini rant.)

Anyway, moving away from something I will get very passionate about to another thing I'm passionate about...

Inspiration has hit me and, man, I haven't been able to stop coming up with new ideas. Not only that, I've gotten a little braver and decided to add a few more personal experiences. Luckily, the trip I mentioned in the last post is part of the research for the ending of the novel. Well, I HAVE the ending... I just need to visit this actual city so I can write it properly. You can't research the feeling of being in a particular place without having visited it. I'm sure Will and I will have a lot fun on the trip... though it's strictly business... pffft. lol. ;D

I am going to give you a guys a sneak peek of the novel... by sharing the (not even close to being complete) soundtrack. The entire thing is random because included are songs which are mentioned in the novel, songs that set the tone/mood for certain chapters, and songs that represent Lina (or are my favorites, therefore are Lina's favorites since she's based off of me) and/or Will (favorites of the real life person). Can you guess which are his and which are hers/mine?... which are common ground?

By the way, PLEASE skip over The Bravery's "Honest Mistake". It has the F word in it (but only once and it is used instead of "mess up"). Sorry but it had to be included in the playlist. I don't normally listen to songs like this but a) it's his music and I can't take away from who he is/was and b) it plays a vital part in it (the turning point for one of the characters). Not, the novel won't mention the 'F' word in the song. It'll all make sense when you're able to read it. Trust me on this. You might also not like The Fratellis' "Flathead" either. I'm just warning y'all.

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I'll make a contest out of this. If you can correctly guess which songs belong to Lina, which belong to Will, and which are "common ground", I'll send you two chapters of the novel. I'm serious. You can either leave me a message on here or email me. :D

Alright, I think that's enough for now. Hope everyone had a great week/weekend. As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D


God Fanboy said...

Sweet tunes.
I guessed the first 3 and then my head got confused. I'm gonna wait til i get some rest before i can make an accurate guesstimate.

I heard the states already had those yuk ads and i heard that Toronto is about to have their own version as well.

Hope you feel better soon. Go to Catholic tv and watch the mass there if you can.

Miss C.N.W. said...

Haha. Good luck. My own bro missed. LOL.

Whoa they've invaded the States too? Grrrr. I will boycott any mode of transportation that has that garbage

Thanks. I have EWTN so I can watch the Masses on there