Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fumigation (Quick Update)

This whole fumigation thing came at a really bad time. I had absolutely no control on when I would sick and hey, it picked today... the day when we have to be out of our houses until 5 p.m. because they're doing this thing. Bah! Today of all days... the day I needed to in bed because I need it. Life's funny that way, eh?

Well, this blog is really a quick reminder (to myself) to write about the Pope JPII dream I had this morning (before I was rudely interrupted, lol). It was awesome and it makes me wonder whether the dream will have any major significance to my health/healing process or if it's just merely wishful thinking on my part. I shall explore this better once I can get back home. :D

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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