Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, I'm Not Stopping...

I have my first midterm tomorrow and I need to finish studying for it (as well as finishing part of my Thesis) so this will be short.

So, apparently someone whom I considered a friend from school has been very, uh, blab-y. This means that there is a very, very good chance that some professors and (possibly) school officials read this blog. This person whom I trusted, well... let's say that this was not the only thing she did but that's beside the point. The point is that things I write about on this blog somehow come up. Some professors are mine are treating me more rudely than usual. One of them (who I recently mentioned) has been nicer and has moved on in terms of who they pick on. Some girls now refer to me as "that girl with the blog that rags on the school." Huh. Interesting.

One quick note for those who are from my school and read this: I will not be intimidated into stopping. I will not cease to write the things I experience at that school because they are true and because, really, things that are taught are spiritually harmful to us Catholics. Oh yeah, and you cannot do anything to keep me from writing because a) I don't use my proper name (only a nickname/pen name), b) I don't say where I attend school, and c) I never mention professors by name. Everything I write is true. I wouldn't write something false to slander anyone and I wouldn't risk ruining my soul by lying about things that are not true; I detest it with a passion. What I write is my experience and if something is off, I will say it is off. If I say that we are mostly taught liberation theology (despite y'all being forbidden to), it's because you guys do teach it. If I say that y'all know you're not supposed to teach these things and yet you do, it's because it's true. If I write that some of you drag my beloved Pope Benedict XVI (as well as some priests) through the mud during your lecture, it's because I thought it was completely uncalled for and I wanted to share my discontent. I don't only write negative things about this school but if it seems that way it's because my experience has been mostly a negative one.

You cannot keep me from graduating or receiving my diploma because my hard work and grades say that I should. I will not modify my Thesis to fit your beliefs. If I want to write about how my generation needs to evangelize using Catholic New Media, then I will and I will be faithful to the Church doing so.

I won't start a fight... but I will defend myself, the beautiful Church I belong to, and the God I love. I just thought I would share. ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to reading Gaudium et Spes because I will be using it in my Thesis.


S.H. said...

Good for you, E.C!! The Church needs more defenders like you. We all have to do our part and it sure looks like you are doing yours. The New Springtime of Evangelization HAS begun ;)

Lindsay said...

Yikes! I'm sorry you're facing that kind of pressure, but I absolutely support your carrying on as you have. :)