Saturday, May 3, 2014

Introducing: Will and Lina; Q&A

It's official: the first novel is available on Amazon for Kindle! It's kind of surreal! This is definitely not the book I started writing in 2008 but I like how it changed as I grew up.

It was technically published yesterday (May 2nd) but it says May 1st for some reason? Maybe Amazon really wanted me to have a book released on St. Joseph the Worker's feast day; I definitely worked hard with the proofreading and the editing (so much editing) in the past couple of weeks.

I've gotten some questions asked about the novel so, instead of just repeating myself, I'm taking the top 4 and answering them on here.

Q1) What genre is it?
A: Um, (mostly) fiction? lol. I'm still unsure beyond it being YA fiction. Amazon has it listed as Contemporary Women as well as New Adult and College. *shrugs*

Q2) Is Melissa Cecilia a pen name?
A: Yes. Most of you know by now that Emmy has been my nickname for years (Melissa is my actual first name)... and that I used my nickname because I didn't want my alma mater to sue me for "exposing" them. I decided not to use my surname for the novel because there is a designer, a model, and, I think, a photographer with the same name and I didn't want there to be confusion. That's what happens when you're born in a decade when your first name was in the top 10 most popular... for an entire decade. Also, I generally use Melissa Cecilia or Emmy Cecilia for everything anyway. :)

Q3) Are Will and Lina based on real life people? Is the novel based on real life events?
*shrugs* It's mostly fiction. Friends are speculating that Lina is based on me. That's all I'm saying. ;)

Q4) Will there be a print version?
Yes! Don't ask me when the release date with be though. I don't know when it'll happen but hopefully over the summer. Since I'm doing independent publishing, it's all dependant on when I have the free time to get everything done myself. Ah, life of an indie writer. ;)

And that's it for now. I'm trying to take it easy this weekend because I return to school on Monday. I need the weekend to rest from all the stress I endured this past weekend. ;)

I hope y'all have a great weekend! If you have any prayer requests, please send 'em my way. :D

P.S. There may be a FB page for the novel. Thanks to Jane for getting people to join. lol.

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