Monday, May 9, 2016

What Kind of Catholic Are You?

Recently I've been swapping out some pretty pointless YouTube subscriptions for Catholic ones for my own reasons -- oh, hey, vague statement -- and I've come across some awesome channels. One of my favorite videos has been the different kinds of Catholics. Watch them and find out which one you are.

I am: TheoNerd (Biblical Theology graduate student over here) and part of the Benedict XVI Fanclub Forever.

I can be: Newly Scrupulous and Gregorian Can't Even.

Anyway, just a quick blog post because -- surprise! -- I have a ton of reading to do (as well as lecture videos to watch) for my course. Am I loving it? Yes! Do I wish the classes were longer than 10 weeks? Yes! Why? Because I need more time to fully immerse myself in the material. It's all so good and I want to go slow but can't because of exams and discussions. I'm also starting my final project this week (though it's not due until June 7th) because I don't rush through it so you'll are getting quick blog posts for a couple more days. Sorry!

Let me know which kind of Catholic you are. :)

I hope y'all are doing well!

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D


AnneMarie said...

Haha I'm a bit of a Liturgeek, TOBcessive, and TheoNerd. I'm a Tolkeinite wannabe, but I'm not quite nerdy enough (yet).

Emmy Cecilia said...

Oh, I'm definitely not nerdy enough to be a Tolkienite yet either. lol.

Amanda Marie said...

I am definitely the TheoNerd! :-) I can also be LiturGeek and Gregorian Can't Even.
Thanks for sharing the video!

Lauren said...

A lot of these partly describe me -- I would say I'm JP 2 the Max and a bit TOBSessive/TheoGeek (most of my theology studies were in moral theology and TOB so thats where my knowledge is at). But I haven't kept that close on my studies, so I have definitely lost some of my knowledge!