Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rosaries at the ER

Yes, I know... there was a long gap between blog posts but I have good reasons. I've been busy, sick (physically exhausted), and I spent my afternoon-into-evening in the emergency room on Monday so, you know, I haven't had time to write. That and I had writer's block for a couple of days. However, I'm ready to catch up with blogging, working on my third novel, and everything else.

If you're following me on Twitter, you might've read my tweets from the ER. I woke up on Monday feeling like my lower limbs (from torso down to legs) were very heavy and I couldn't even stay seated for long because I felt as if my body weighed more than 118 lbs I actually weigh. I'd had these symptoms for several days before but it was much worse on Monday. To top it off, there was blood where blood should not have been that morning. Because of this, and because I couldn't get a doctor's appointment anytime soon, I was told to head to the emergency room by the nurse advice line for my health insurance.

Long story short, they were concerned about internal bleeding. Six vials of blood were taken, I was hooked up to an IV (and was given fluids), and a CT scan was done to try to pinpoint where the internal bleeding was coming from. CT scan came back clean (though they did find something that isn't serious but should be kept track of) and the conclusion was that the bleeding most likely came from a source which I do not feel comfortable sharing. Let's just say that it's not serious. The blood work revealed that I was "slightly anemic" and I have to take iron pills (along with an iron rich diet and B-Complex multivitamin) for the next two months so that my iron can get replenished and I won't feel so exhausted. So, yay for health... except for low iron, which can be fixed. :)

The big surprise was that my platelets were at 140k... normal range! It's the lowest number within normal range but I have not been within normal range with my platelets for about 2 years so it was welcomed news. I hope they continue to stay at/around 140 or even go up a bit higher. No explanation for the increase of platelet production but I am so grateful. Anyway, now that I have all of that information out of the way, I wanted to share something about my experience in the ER that was wonderfully calming for me.

I pray the Rosary daily and I always carry around one of the custom made rosaries that Allison has made for me... but I seemed to have forgotten that I had placed it into pocket that morning. I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I forget to pray when dealing with high levels of stress. It's one of those things I have to work on. In the stress-induced tunnel vision I had driving myself to the ER (while feeling like I had zero energy to even sit) and of getting checked-in, I had completely spaced on praying. I prayed the Little Office that morning but I hadn't prayed since. It wasn't until I was taken to the lab to get a CT scan that I remembered that hadn't prayed the Rosary and decided to do it while I was getting the scan done.

As I received the breathing instructions from the machine (if you haven't had a CT scan done before, you hold your breath for a couple of seconds while the machine scans your insides), I prayed Hail Marys. I felt so peaceful and at ease instead of anxious that the whole process was a breeze for me. When it was done, I was told that I could get my lower half dressed again and as I did it, the rosary fell out of my pocket. It surprised me because, as I said, I'd forgotten that I had it. The lab tech saw it and said "Oh, a rosary! That's a good thing to have!" I agreed with him and then I was wheeled back to my room. As I got to my room, I told my mom what had happened and the rosary once again fell out of my pocket in front of her feet. We both felt as if Mama Mary was there with us through the whole thing.

As I waited for the CT scan and blood work results, I finished praying the Rosary. I felt even more at peace (as well as more alert than I had earlier). The results, you now know. I felt relieved that it wasn't anything serious and that my platelets were back to normal. The nurse who took out the IV (I still have nightmares about that since I hate needles and those plastic IV tubes), saw the rosary on my lap and also recognized it and said it was good that I had it. After I was discharged, I prayed a Hail Mary for the patients I passed on my way out.

The whole thing reminded me about how, in those times of stress, we sometimes forget to pray... but God never leaves us. The brain fog from the exhaustion and the stress can momentarily throw us off but we're always reminded that we're not alone. Whether we choose to take those moments to pray and be thankful for what we do have or pray that we'll soon be in a better state, that's entirely up to us. It's so easy to put off prayers because of x, y, z excuses but I personally think it's better to do it in that moment before other distractions pop up.

Anyway, I'm doing better (the IV fluids really helped; I think back-to-back stomach viruses dehydrated me a bit) and I have iron pills for the anemia so, God willing, I'll be back to normal soon. :) I have a couple of blog posts planned but don't know when they'll be going up. My best friend is coming to visit this coming week into the next week so I'll be a bit MIA. Maybe I'll just schedule the posts. We shall see.

I hope y'all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D

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