Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Trip to Mission Santa Barbara

This is my last blog post for two weeks since I am taking a break from social networks (twitter, Facebook, XT3, tumblr, etc.). My Thesis is due at the end of this month, I am waaay behind because of other coursework I've had, and I need to really want to finish it with a couple of days to spare (just in case I need to edit some things) so I need to be completely cut off from distractions. Thank you to my big sis, Angelica, for the tips. :)

Before I get offline for the next two weeks, I wanted to share some pictures I took at Mission Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, CA. I took the train up this past Wednesday since I wanted a break from the stress of school and I wanted to go somewhere from my Spring Break. It's only 2 hours-ish from L.A. so I was able to come back the same day.

Santa Barbara is beautiful. I would move there if it wasn't so expensive. The Mission is a couple of miles from the beach. If you don't mind the walk, it's doable (from the Mission to the beach or vice versa). If I could do it, and I was in the beginning stages of this darn cold, you can. :) By the way, (fun fact) this is the ONLY Mission in California that is still run by the Franciscan Order.

The view of the beach from the Mission is breathtaking. I don't think this picture does it justice. (By the way, click the pictures to see the bigger versions of them.) :)

This is the exterior of the Mission. I tried to get a picture without people but it was a tourist-y day. :)

Upon closer inspection of the plaque on the church fa├žade, we see this:

This is at the entrance to the interior of the Mission. It tells you how far the other nearby Missions are.

Part of the interior of the Mission. I believe this is the garden/courtyard.

Same garden/courtyard, different angle.

Because I'm a dork, various cacti on some steps next to the chapel.

This beautiful sculpture was found on the way from the garden/courtyard into the cemetery.

The bell tower from the cemetery.

Sign from the cemetery, heading towards the chapel.

The chapel altar. There wasn't much light and I couldn't use this flash. Sorry.

One of the many gorgeous paintings in the chapel.

The three Archangels.

Sculpture of Jesus coming out of the tomb and St. Mary Magadelen seeing him.

Sculptures of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi. Yes, that is natural light coming in.

The chapel from the back. It looks a lot brighter than it looked in person. Glad it came out well. :)

A painting of Our Blessed Mother in Heaven.

Painting of the Crucifixion of Our Lord.

A view of the exterior of the Mission at the southwest edge of the grounds. This was the last one I took before we walked back towards the beach.

I would've taken more except that I ran out of room in my camera and I didn't want my camera phone to die before we got home. I am planning on going back at some point and taking more pictures though, so stay tuned.

I hope to slowly work my way through all the Missions. I've already visited the San Fernando Mission and I posted not just one set of photos but two. I think either Ventura or San Juan Capistrano will be next. :)

Okay, I should really get some rest (ugly, slow setting cold; I even missed Mass today because it was too cold in the morning and my mother was worried I would get pneumonia). I will probably blog again around the 25th of March. I will only post something before then if something major happens.

I hope you all have a great rest of Lent (I'll be back before Easter). If y'all can say a little prayer that I can get through my Thesis (and other schoolwork) in the next 2 weeks, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :)


Miss Hiracheta said...

gorgeous views, thanks for sharing! prayers coming your way!

Stephanie said...

What a stunningly beautiful place! Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love for you to visit Captive the Heart, my blog for Catholic brides-to-be!