Monday, April 6, 2009

Music Monday

I'm about to continue movie/music night (because I ended up not going to The Script's show at the Troubadour) with a couple of friends, so I'm just going to post the link to one of the videos, and post another video, for music Monday and write a blog tomorrow. :D

This first video is for a song called "No Me Doy Por Vencido" by Luis Fonsi. The song title roughly translates as "I will not be defeated" or "I won't give up". If you speak Spanish, or understand it well enough, I really recommend checking it out. Luis Fonsi wrote it for his then-girlfriend (he's now married to her) when she was diagnosed with cancer. It's a very positive song that can be applied to virtually every situation/struggle you can think of.

This next one is going to be a hit-or-miss. I am a massive jazz aficionado (I was even majoring in both performance and history a few years ago before I changed my major) so I will occasionally throw in a little jazz. For the record, this isn't smooth jazz. For some reason, I don't like a majority of smooth jazz. Anyway, this song in particular is actually mentioned in the novel I'm writing. It's very mellow and I love studying to this song (and others by this trio). It's called "Edges of Happiness" by the Tord Gustavsen Trio.

If you liked this song, or are interested in more by Tord, try checking music sites. I only found three song on youtube. My favorites by this trio, "Blessed Feet" and "Being There" weren't there or I would've chosen those.

I have a few saint book reviews hopefully coming up at the end of this week. Spring Break will be great for reading them... and for finishing my novel. And speaking of which, I'm going to work on it a bit right now while I still have Will. Writing from a guy's point of view can be tough... even with the 6 brothers I have. lol.

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D

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