Thursday, June 20, 2013

Please Ask My Permission First

It came to my attention this afternoon that an old picture of me in the mantilla my father gave me before he passed has been used on other websites and blogs without my permission. Do I really have to say this?! If anyone wants to use an old photo you found on this blog that I personally took or a picture of myself, please ask my permission and then credit the blog when you have permission. Otherwise you may not use them.

I know whoever took this picture (which I also saw on a popular Catholic blog) didn't mean harm but it irks me that someone took it without my permission. I am very careful of what I put out there (I even took this particular picture down a while back) and to have someone take something of mine and use it without my even being notified is just plain rude. Seriously, not cool.

I was going to write about what a great first spiritual direction meeting I had today but I'm going to save it for when I'm not miffed.

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Jane | @janelebak said...

Technically, they violated your copyright if you took the photo and they used it without permission:

I'm not sure you would want to sue them, but the point is, you could. And therefore you have the right to send them a takedown notice.