Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Mantillas, Please!; Good Dad Update

If I see more young women wearing mantillas at my parish, I will be one happy camper! :D I've seen a couple more women wear them today... and be a couple I mean about 3 more. But, hey, it's a step up from being the only one in the English Mass that wore one. lol. Yes, I'm still the only one under 50 to wear one, but perhaps for not much longer. :D How do I know? Well, it started out like this: I went to see if they had other mantillas for sale at the little office next to the parish because I want to have one to wear on a daily basis (as in whenever I go to church). I still adore the one dad brought me from Mexico a few months ago, but don't want to wear it too much out of fear that it'll get ruined somehow. I decided to get at least two more. All they had were black mantillas so I waited for a bit to ask if they would get more, in white, any time soon. This is all while I was still wearing mine (which I wore for two straight Masses :D). A women in her late 30s came in with her little boy while I was talking to the woman. She saw my mantilla, as well as the black one I was being shown, and remarked how beautiful she thought they were and how it was a shame that the tradition had died. "How I wish it would come back," she said. I told her I agreed. The sales woman said she made them by hand, and she would custom make mine however I liked -- triangular, rectangular (like mine is), etc -- and that she would only charge me $5 for each. I told her I wanted two in a triangular shape, like this one but a little longer in the back, and that I wanted them in white. She took the length and all, too. The woman in her 30s then said that she'd also like half a dozen; she'd gotten inspired to start wearing them herself. Yes! :D One down... a lot more to go. lol. :D I will write more about mantillas (yes, I prefer calling them that over chapel veils) and the significance of them in a future blog... hopefully around the time I get my new ones in two weeks. :D

Before I end this blog I wanted to keep y'all updated on dad's progress. He's been "walking" around in his wheelchair for the past two days, which is a HUGE step up from a week ago. His blood pressure is also normal, which is a massive sigh of relief for us. He's been able to eat, little by little, and increases the amount every day. Good thing, too, because dad's lost A LOT of weight and was almost as thin as I am (and I weigh about 123 lbs. and am a couple of inches shorter). He's drinking a lot of water, too, which is fantastic. He was getting dehydrated. He says he feels better every day, and you can really tell that he's being honest. He didn't have his oxygen cannula on today, which is also a first since we admitted him to the hospital a couple of weeks ago. That has to be good, right? :D The only thing is that he's getting very demanding. Two forehead or cheek kisses, one to say "hello" and one to say "see you tomorrow", are simply not enough for him anymore. lol. Geez, daddy-o. :D Overall dad's looking good. I haven't talked to the doctor in a couple of days but I'm going to call him tomorrow and get his updated prognosis. I'm still staying optimistic and still praying for Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati's intercession. :D

Oh, and before I forget... thank you to those who came to the Spanish Mass which was offered up for dad's health. :D There's going to be another one, this time in English so some of you can actually participate (lol), next Sunday at 9 a.m. It's still at the same parish where I've grown up. :D

Okay, that's about it for today. I am going to try to write more often, especially with a lot of great news coming out of the Vatican lately. And, yes, I include the whole "investigating the American nuns" thing in that category. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. :D As always, thanks for reading and God Bless.


Claire Christina said...

At the young adult community I'm part of (ages 18-40), a year ago we had one regular who wore a veil (well, it was like that for 2yrs before I started last August). Now we have four, and a fifth is considering it (her fiance wanted to buy her one for her birthday, and I've seen her cover her head with her hood for adoration). It's really beautiful and heartwarming. :)

Oh, and the parish where I attend daily Mass (by work) is like that, too. When I started in September, I was the only one. Now we are three! There is hope! :D

Miss C.N.W. said...

Go us! I just got someone on twitter who said she wants to start wearing them too! :D

Francisco said...

Mantillas are way awesome. I'm glad we met, I enjoyed our conversation on Twitter. :D

PartyGurle said...

Congrats on your dad's progress!!! :D

Miss C.N.W. said...

Francisco - glad to know there's still hardcore Catholics in Mexico. :D

Maria - thanks. :D

Angela M. said...

This site has nice veils too.

I bought one last year and was really pleased.