Saturday, November 22, 2008

St. Cecilia; Novena Keeps Working

Happy St. Cecilia Feast Day! St. Cecilia holds a special place in my heart. Since they don't have confirmation saints in Mexico (where I was confirmed; the only Sacrament of Christian initiation I didn't receive in Los Angeles), I consider St. Cecilia my confirmation patron saint; because I was confirmed at a church of which she is patron saint. (If you've read the blog long enough you've heard how I would've preferred to wait to do my confirmation here in L.A. when I was older, instead of doing it at around 13... so I won't repeat it.) She has an amazing story.

Taken from the SQPN St. Cecilia page:
"Cultivated young patrician woman whose ancestors loomed large in Rome's history. She vowed her virginity to God, but her parents married her to Valerian of Trastevere. Cecilia told her new husband that she was accompanied by an angel, but in order to see it, he must be purified. He agreed to the purification, and was baptized; returning from the ceremony, he found her in prayer accompanied by a praying angel. The angel placed a crown on each of their heads, and offered Valerian a favor; the new convert asked that his brother be baptized.

The two brothers developed a ministry of giving proper burial to martyred Christians. In their turn they were arrested and martyred for their faith. Cecilia buried them at her villa on the Apprian Way, and was arrested for the action. She was ordered to sacrifice to false gods; when she refused, she was martyred in her turn.

The Acta of Cecilia includes the following: "While the profane music of her wedding was heard, Cecilia was singing in her heart a hymn of love for Jesus, her true spouse." It was this phrase that led to her association with music, singers, musicians, etc."

I love St. Cecilia! I truly do. :) I think the fact that she's the patron saint of musicians and singers, and the fact I'm so passionate about music -- and used to be a singer around the time I did my confirmation, is perfect. Oh man! I just realized something about the female protagonist in my novel that has a connection to St. Cecilia. Whoa, I didn't even do it purposely! That's so cool! *goes off into own thoughts*

Okay, coming back to reality... lol... I can attest that the Infant Jesus of Prague novena that I mentioned yesterday definitely worked! The real test was last night. If I don't eat properly a few hours before bed, I will NOT make it more than 4 hours through the night. I went to sleep at nearly 2 in the morning (watching a movie... heehee) and woke up a bit after 9 a.m... and I wasn't feeling sick like I would've normally felt. YES! :D

Alright, well, I am going to go do something productive. Don't know if that means homework or working on the novel, but it'll be one or the other. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D

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