Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still Relevant Nearly 100 Years Later

Because I have not finished the Pier Giorgio Frassati: Letters to His Friends and Family book yet, I was going to review the Sanctity Within Reach: Pier Giorgio Frassati DVD/EWTN special today. However, I've already marked a number of quotes from Bl. PGF's letters to family and friends that I decided to share some from the first 150 pages I've read.

The reason why I wanted to share them before the book review (which I hope to have by Friday) was because the quotes read as if he'd written them this past week. With everything that's happened -- from the SCOTUS ruling to the terrorist attacks -- I found his words to not only be extremely relevant and prophetic but also very reassuring.

Anyway, without further ado, a couple of quotes that I underlined to share. They are written in chronological order and the two that are in bold font are the ones that really stuck out for me.

"But I hope that God may reopen the hard hearts of men who sow hatred..." - Letter to friend Maria Fischer, December 20, 1921 (page 71)

"We, who by the grace of God are Catholics, should not waste the most wonderful years of our life, as unfortunately do so many unhappy young people, who are preoccupied with enjoying the good life, which does not result in good, but which brings the fruit of immorality into our modern society..." - Letter to the members of the "Milites Mariae" Club, October 30, 1922 (page 98)

"Unfortunately when it is a question of climbing after worldly honors men trample upon their own consciences." - Letter to friend Antonio Villani, November 19, 1922 (page 101)

"... as far as I am concerned it's better to be alone, but with a clear conscience, than be together with all the others but with a huge stain on one's conscience." - Letter to friend Antonio Severi, December 4, 1922 (page 104)

"Modern society is drowning in the sorrows of human passions and it is distancing itself from every ideal of love and peace. Catholics, we and you, must bring the breath of goodness that can only spring from faith in Christ." - Letter to the Catholic men and women students of Bonn, January 12, 1923 (page 114)

"Because true happiness, young people, does not consist in the pleasures of the world and in earthly things, but in peace of conscience which we can have only if we are pure in heart and in mind." - Letter to members of "Catholic Youth" of Pollone, July 29, 1923 (page 129)

"The times which we are going through are difficult, because persecution against the Church rages as cruelly as ever. But you fearless and good young people, do not be afraid because of this small problem. Bear in mind the fact that the Church is a divine institution that cannot end and will endure until the end of the world, and 'the gates of hell will not prevail against her.'" - Letter to members of "Catholic Youth" of Pollone, July 29, 1923 (page 130)

Though these quotes may not seem like much, reading the entire letters from which the quotes come from make them more alive and even more relevant. That last quote, I think, is the one that we need to always remember. Yes, our faith is under constant attack (and has been for centuries... some times more intensely than others), but we must remember that the Church has survived through so much and it will continue to do so. Don't lose hope, everyone.

Anyway, the Japan vs England match just ended (Japan faces the U.S. in the Women's World Cup final; rematch time!) so I want to get off of the laptop and enjoy the rest of the book. I'll more than likely share more quotes from the book on the proper book review this weekend.

I will most likely do a review of the DVD I mentioned at the beginning of this post sometime tomorrow and do a couple of book reviews on Friday. I have no clue what I'll do for Bl. PGF's actual feast day. You'll just have to wait and see. ;)

As always, thanks and reading and God bless. :D

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