Saturday, May 23, 2015

Where is the Trust?

While I was praying the Pentecost novena a couple of nights ago, I had a very interesting thought pop up.

In school or at church, we trust other people to look after our belongings for a minute or two while we do something. I used to leave my backpack and laptop on my chair in the Commons at my alma mater while I went to the cafeteria and I would often trust a fellow schoolmate to look after my things. At church, I've seen people look after the belonging of someone if they go to receive communion.

We trust our doctors to help us stay health. We trust policemen to keep us safe and enforce rules for our own well-being. We trust others to babysit children and to educate them. When we get on the road, we're basically trusting everyone else on the road to know and follow the rules so that there are no accidents. We trust pharmacies to give us the right medications. We trust restaurants to feed us foods that won't make us sick and that have been prepared in clean environments. We trust bus drivers, pilots, conductors, etc. to help transport us safely from one place to another. There is a lot of trust amongst men... so where is the trust when it comes to God?

How many times have we wanted to control things out of lack of trust? I understand that once someone lets us down the lack of trust is set until we can (if we can) trust them again. This isn't necessarily bad. It's good that we be careful and feel the need to be able to trust others for our own safety and well being... but we don't we trust the One who has never let us down or done anything to endanger us?

We put our trust in men (cue comments about Psalm 146, particularly 146:3)... why not God? Just some food for thought for y'all this weekend. ;)


Stephen said...

Definitely food for thought! I do agree - the one we should trust is too often the one we don't.

Something that I need to pray about more, and learn to do more.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is something I'd never thought of, and very insightful. Man will let us down (often!), but God never does.