Saturday, November 17, 2012

Catholicism on Tumblr, Part Two

Pardon the long wait for this but both Brandon and I have been busy. However (like I promised yesterday) I am catching up on overdue blog posts so here it goes.

I asked Brandon (aka The Catholic Geek on tumblr and twitter) to write something for this blog regarding Catholicism on tumblr. Even though he's only a senior in high school, I've been incredibly impressed by what he's written on tumblr... and even more so with the answers he gives hostile trolls. He posted it on his tumblr so that you can reblog it if you wish. :D

"So you decided to make a Catholic Blog on Tumblr?

Well then, welcome! I’m Brandon, The Catholic Geek, and I’ll be giving you a little preview of what you should be looking forward to here on Tumblr as a new Catholic Blog.
Let me first start off by saying the battles start now. Being a Catholic on Tumblr ain’t easy young grasshopper. It’s pretty darn challenging. But that’s the awesome part. With each new challenge and task, you slowly begin to grow in your own personal faith in Christ. Kind of like a video game. As you defeat opponents and successfully win challenges, you gain some experience. After a while, that experience piles up and causes you to level up. Yup, I used video games to describe Catholicism on Tumblr. Sue me.
You will meet great and awesome Catholics here on Tumblr. Some of the Catholics here on Tumblr form into a Group known as the “Tumblr Catholics.” Honestly, from personal experience, some of the people you will encounter on here will become your best friends. And with these best friends, you will make many Memes! Especially Catholic Memes and have Meme Wars! But believe me, you will love Memes.
You will see many things on the Catholic Tag. Good, bad, and horrible things. “But Brandon! What should we do when we see something horrible on the tags!?” Well my friend, we Take Back the Tag. When you see something icky and evil or just downright bad on the Catholic Tag, we spam the Tag with a Litany of the Saints. It’s also good to tell some fellow Catholics here on Tumblr to help you out. It’s a very successful thing. It’s saved the Tag a bunch of times.
Let me just say, you will get attacked for your Faith. Beware the Trolls! People will attempt to bring you down. They will attempt to confuse you. They will mock you. But you, the newest soldier of the Lord here on Tumblr, will be always ready to get back up and keep fighting the good fight. But let me say now that it’s worth every hit. God is with you through this new opportunity to evangelize to others through Tumblr.
Here on Tumblr, you will grow in your faith. You will learn how to live and love your faith. You will learn how to share your faith. And with your new friends at your side, the world is yours to evangelize.
Stay Strong and Know God Is.
Peace, Love, and Blessings,
- Brandon, The Catholic Geek"

As Brandon mentioned (and I briefly mentioned in part one) there are a lot of trolls. Though we should not feed the trolls, I definitely think it's important to defend the Faith. It's so easy to ignore and let the anti-Catholicism run amok on the site but I think that we should do our part to clarify whatever lies are being spread about our beautiful religion.

I've been trying (key word: trying) to tag Catholic posts to help bury the more negative and, at times, pornographic posts some people post under the "nuns", "Catholicism", "Catholic", "priest", etc tags. I don't like tagging posts but I will put it aside in order to help bury unsavory posts. If you have a tumblr, I invite you to do the same. Both Brandon and I (though him more so than I) reblog a lot of Catholic quotes, pictures, memes, etc and you're more than welcome to go through our tumblrs and reblog whatever you'd like. I think I'm going to go on a nun and priest reblogging spree tomorrow to do my little part. :)

Anyway, I have one more assignment to finish before my weekend begins (and it's due in an hour and a half) so I should go finish it. :D

I hope y'all have a great Sunday. If you have any prayer requests, please let me know. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless! :D

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