Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Have a Confession to Make; Challenge Week.

I have a confession to make. I haven't been writing because I've had serious writer's block. It's not just blogging but writing in general. I think I got so burnt out this semester (a 53 page Thesis in addition to all the other papers and take home exams) that I will prefer to play a game, read, listen to music, and watch movies instead of writing. Also, there is the issue of my not wanting to write some crummy stuff that have kept me from posting the many blog entries I've started but have not finished.

I want to finish my novel this summer and look into self-publishing it. It's been on hold for so long because of school that I sometimes forget that it's not done. I also want to blog daily if I can but it's starting to feel more like a chore than something for myself. I feel like people expect these really killer posts, something that will make an impact, and that puts a lot of pressure on me. As stated before, this blog is really like my own personal journal... that I just happen to share with hundreds of people. I don't write everything but I write what I feel like sharing. Sometimes people expect me to write some groundbreaking story happening in the Catholic world and are disappointed with my ramblings. Again (I often have to write this for a reason), I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable for the progress I am making as a Catholic. I still have my ups and downs (like I'm currently struggling getting up in the mornings to go to daily Mass) and that is what I want to write about. I have gotten a taste of writing more academic things (such as my Thesis... which I hope to make available - at least part of it - as soon as I get the okay) and I like doing that but this blog is for a completely different purpose.

I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers, Charlie McDonnell, talking about his mid-life crisis week project and I was inspired to do the same. Here is the video so you can watch it for yourself:

A lot of what he said was exactly how I felt and I saw his week worth of videos and it seems like a good idea. So, borrowing the idea from Charlie, I have decided to blog every day for a week. If I feel truly stumped (as in, the well of ideas feels dry) I will write just a little paragraph. I think I may even have to dive into some (normally) off-limits topics if I'm desperate enough. lol.

Anyway, just letting you guys know ahead of time. It's no longer about writing what I feel pressured writing but once again writing for myself and sharing the content with the world. If you want something that is updated more frequently and/or is a little more visual and sillier, feel free to check out my twitter or tumblr. Okay then... let's do this!

I hope y'all are having a great week thus far. :)

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless.

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