Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day? Yeah... No.

I used to LOVE April Fool's Day. It was one of my favorite unofficial holidays, mostly because I had always been a mischievous little girl. My go-to prank when I was old enough was the old "I'm getting married!" prank. At least three people would fall for it every single time I did it. lol. Of course, now that I'm older and I take relationship and my vocation seriously, I no longer do it. A couple of years ago, I pulled a "moving away" prank on a former friend of mine. Since we had boxes and suitcases in the living room (while re-arranging the closest), I took a picture of them, as well as my passport. Since said friend and I had a bet about who would be the first to move to Vancouver, BC this was a good prank. That one was tame compared to some of the other ones I pulled in my teen years. lol.

This year I was going to do a prank (I was going to say that I was going to become a Mormon because the author of Twilight made the religion appealing to me, lol) but decided against it... especially because it's Holy Thursday and I just don't want to do something dumb today. There are no confessions this weekend so I better just stay clean. lol. I'm stay away from Facebook and any chat programs today for the same reason. Instead, I'm going to work on my Humanities paper which is due tomorrow (though I will try to finish it tonight).

Just out of curiosity, did anyone pull any good pranks? Though I'm not doing anything, I'll still interested to hear what others have done. ;)

Anyway, I hope no one has gotten into too much trouble today. :D

Until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless!

P.S. Did anyone figure out which songs where about which character (from this past Music Monday post)?

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