Sunday, June 28, 2015

Progress Report

Just a quick "week one progress report" on the new game plan I talked about a week ago.

- I've cut back my time on Twitter exponentially. I think I average less than half an hour on non-match days. Like I said, I wasn't going to completely disappear from social media but people are definitely noticing that it's taking me longer to reply to messages. Deleting the bookmark from my browser and sending the apps to cyber Siberia have done me a world of good.

- My stress levels are down. I've avoided Twitter on some of the more emotionally charged days which means I've avoided stress. I still get a bit of what is happening on social media from two long-time friends (who I've known since my pre-reversion days) but they're not gloating or being overly obnoxious about it so we've been able to remain friends. lol.

- I do get bored more easily because I was so used to having my time wasted on social media where you can spend hours and have it seem like only minutes. However, I'm also getting better at filling my time with good, productive things, which leads me to...

- My productivity is up. The house has never been cleaner. My goals are slowly starting to move forward now that I don't have other junk taking up space in my mind. I've been able to cross off a number of things on my to-do list, some of which had been on the Wunderlist app for almost a year.

- I have yet to read Laudato Si' because I'm trying to tackle a number of things I've had on my to-do list for months (or years!). However, I'm disappointed in seeing some people who disagree saying that they're going to waste even more resources to show their disagreement. Let's just not. Please.

- The number of venial sins committed due to social media are down from last week when I had a trial run. This is good. Very, very good and my biggest goal. The way this is going, it's going to get easier for me to stay off of Twitter for prolonged periods after grad school begins in 3 months and 2 days... not that I'm counting. ;)

And, that's it. It's Sunday and I want to spend the majority of my day offline. I'm going to finish some research (all about lay orders) before logging off for the day.

I hope y'all are having a good Sunday and that y'all had a great weekend. I'm planning on blogging again tomorrow but don't quote me. We shall see. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D


Marian Ninja said...

God is so good! Way to go! It's really awesome how you have seen some solid impact in your life :) Also, I hope that you find time somehow to read "Laudato Si" (I just finished reading it a few minutes ago). Some of it definitely went a bit beyond me, but I really liked what I could grasp. Also, I find it fascinating (and sad) that the vast majority of people who talk about "Laudato Si" (many of whom probably haven't even read it) ignore the fact that the Pope draws everything back to the dignity of the human person and our interpersonal relationships. Oh, and he has a couple good places where he slides in pro-life, anti-abortion messages. And he ends by discussing the beauty and reverence of resting on the Sabbath. It's quite lovely, and I hope that people read it and don't just focus on the "environment" parts, but look at ALL of what the Pope says :) God bless!

Emmy Cecilia said...

AnneMarie - I have yet to read Laudato Si but I hope to before I begin grad school. How was it?

AnneMarie said...

I thought it was quite excellent! I really enjoy how he connects the dignity of the person and caring for creation, and shows that if you truly care about creation, you need to care for the human person, and vice versa. He says that an ecological approach is a social approach, and he brings everything back to a respect for human life (because all human beings have a right to life, culture, and a respectable living environment). He also discusses technology and human relationships a little bit, too, which I thought was cool. Overall, Pope Francis brings up awesome points that can create many good discussions to bring about change for the better!

Emmy Cecilia said...

I'll try to read it before I start grad school; I'm trying to get through all my library books first. :)