Thursday, March 20, 2014

My (Belated) Lenten Goals

Yes, this gif sums up of how I feel right now. And, for the record, I made sure I wasn't violating copyright laws by posting it; this particular film is public domain.

I just realized that I never shared what my Lenten goals were for this year. Other things just came up and I never wrote about them but I'm doing that today... and it's actually quite appropriate that I'm doing it now. My biggest Lenten goal is finishing things I start before starting other things. 

See, I have a problem (stems from my people pleasing days... which I still struggle with): I take on too many things and then I can't seem to finish them all. Whether it's a project for a friend or something for myself, I tend to get overloaded with so many things. That then takes time away from my prayer life (not that it's an excuse for my not trying to get better at it) and it all snowballs from there. This Lent I'm not starting anything new until I finish the number of things that are still on my list... which is long.

Without getting into too many details, this is what part of my list includes:
- snail mail replies to friends that are way over due.
- going through my files and throwing away unimportant ones.
- organizing bookmarked links on my browser.
- finish reading the books I have started but not finished.
- catch up with all the friends I haven't spoken to in months.
- going back and taking down gifs that are from copyrighted films or used without permission.
- finish editing my novels.

I am sure Lent will be over before I finish editing my novels but I hope to be able to finish the rest of the items on my list before then. I'm starting school in 6 weeks, 3 days, and some odd hours (but who's counting?) and I want to get everything done and out of the way before then so that I don't have distractions. The challenge will be not starting things before then. I like to be actively doing something and I have a hard time saying "no" when asked for favors so I thought it was a good goal to have.

I don't know how this counts as "giving up" something but, as I was reminded by friends, I routinely "give up" things throughout the year that maybe I needed something that was going to be actually hard for me. Giving up non-Catholic literature or music isn't hard for me. Giving up foods isn't that hard for me because of how limited my diet already is. I gave up digital cable (and Liverpool FC matches, sniffle) because I knew how financially expensive it was. I've given up a social life and dating (in the past) to take care of my parents so... you know, it isn't a big penance for me to give things up. I'm quite used to it by now. Having to say "no" to someone who asks for a favor is very hard. I just hope some friends will understand that I need to do this for my (mental) well-being.

Not starting anything new, learning more about St. Joseph, and taking care of my physical and spiritual health are all part of my Lenten goals. It may sound a bit boring to y'all but these are things I need to do in order to keep growing and moving forward. :)

Anyway, I want to finish cleaning my room and then get some food (that doesn't come in fry form) in me so that's it for now.

I hope y'all had a great day today. :D

As always, thanks for reading and God bless! :D

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