Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I Learned Wednesday #6

This is uber late and most of y'all won't read it but I'm posting it anyway. This should've been the 7th post but I skipped last week's. I also haven't written in almost a week. Oops. Well, I'm getting back on track so here we go. I'm only doing two proper ones since it is late and I'm tired.

1) This isn't so much about what I learned about the Faith as it is what I learned about my own relationship with my faith. I noticed that I had gone over the 9 days for the St. Dymphna and I thought I was just going to continue doing it until I saw myself getting a bit superstitious about it. See, I'd been praying it for nearly a month (for friends, family, and myself) and I should've been done last week but I kept going. I thought that it would bring me peace of mind but it really just made me feel safe. It took a couple of bad anxiety days (totally worth it to learn this lesson) to step back and realize what I had been doing. I would do the morning and night prayers and I started getting worried that if I didn't do them, I'd have a bad day. I'm pretty sure I have some OCD -- however mild it may be -- to be doing this and I could blame my actions on it but, really, it comes down to me. I should have really seen what I was doing. Luckily, as soon as I saw what I was doing, I stopped and I haven't continued since. This also reminds me that I should really write that post about superstitions.

2) St. Athanasius was an interesting man. I had a dream two days ago in which I was fighting evil forces (the Enemy) with the help of St. Benedict, St. Athanasius, holy water, and a random Franciscan monk. Fr. John was right, my dreams are better than the movies. lol. Anyway, in the dream, I kept praying and making the Evil One mad as I did it... and as soon as St. Athanasius came into my mind and I invoked his intercession, Evil One roared in anger. Yes, my dreams can be that intense. Having a dream about saints isn't new but St. Athanasius is kind of random. I remember him being briefly mentioned in one of my textbooks at the CINO college ('cause, you know, heaven forbid we learn about Catholicism at a "Catholic" college.../sarcasm) so I didn't know much about him. I ended up Googling him and read about his life and some of the controversies surrounding him. I feel like I just scratched the surface when it comes to learning about him but I definitely want to learn more.

3) I'm not doing the link up this week because I'm rethinking it. I've noticed only one or two people actually participate (even though more express interest in doing it). You guys know me, I hate spamming y'all with "link up! DO IT!" messages on twitter and FB. I'm not knocking other bloggers who do it but I just don't feel comfortable shoving the idea down people's throats nor am I popular enough to get it going like I would've wanted. I've asked and saw no effort so I may just keep doing this for myself and edit Alex's link into the post whenever he publishes his (which he's been doing weekly; whoo! go Alex!) :D And, anyway, I didn't think up What I Learned Wednesday to create a popular link-up. I wanted to keep tabs on my own progress and invited others to do the same. I'm happy seeing myself (and Alex, heh) grow in Faith which is better than nothing. :) EDIT: Alex's post is found here.

And that is it. I didn't have a super productive week because of health issues and because I've been busy with other things but it's only a minor setback.

Anyway, I have nighttime prayers and some light reading to do before I fall asleep.

I hope y'all are having a great week. Please load me up with prayer intentions as I'm kind of running out. lol.

As always, thanks for reading and God bless. :D

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