Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wait, Is That...? Chime In!

To see a bigger version, just click the picture.

I've always wondered about images that appear on things such as tree trunks (even on tree trunks in cemeteries), windows, etc. There are skeptics who try to explain them using reasonable explanation and others who believe that these images are sent to help remind us of God and/or Our Lady.

A friend from church sent me this picture. Not saying what/who the image is supposed to be. I'll just leave this here because I'm very curious to know what y'all think of this image and/or of the phenomena in general.

So, what do y'all think? A natural phenomena? Sent from above? Or are you more cautious about these things? Let me know because I'm very curious to see what the general attitude/thought towards this topic is.

Anyway, sorry this is so short but I have a little lady coming over for some English tutoring so I gotta jet. Don't forget to chime in. ;)

As always, thanks for reading and God bless. :D


Anne @WhateverWorksMom said...

Looks like Our Lady of Guadalupe to me.

Emmy Cecilia said...

What do you think of the phenomena?

Arleen Spenceley said...

I'm from Florida, where when I was a kid, the city of Clearwater made headlines when an image of Mary appeared on the glass at an office building. The parking lot there became a makeshift shrine, and my mom and grandma took my brother and me there to see it. It was pretty awesome to see, even for a kid, and there's no denying the stain, or whatever it was, looked like you'd imagine Mary would. After awhile, though, somebody smashed several of the windows:

I guess I've never put too much thought into whether stuff like this is caused by what the skeptics say causes it, or if it's sent directly from God as a reminder. I lean toward this: probably both. In other words, even if the Mary-shaped stain on the window at the building in Clearwater occurred naturally (as opposed to supernaturally), I totally could see God arranging for a naturally occurring stain to settle in the shape of Mary.