Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Update: So Long, Twitter... For Now

Just letting y'all know that I am taking a break from twitter... and most social networks... until the end of the month. I'll explain soon (I have a busy schedule for the next couple of days) but let's just say that I have been feeling really stressed out and need this break. I realized that, after a weekend trial break, extending the break until the end of the month would do me a world of good.

I'll keep blogging but that's as connected as I'll be with y'all (well, unless y'all are friends on my personal FB account). I really, really, really need this break. My sanity and nerves need it. I broke down crying earlier today... that's how badly I need this break.

Anyway, I'll keep praying for y'all during my little break. :D

God bless,

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