Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Second Edition

--- 1 ---
The lack of blog posts have been a result of dizzy spells / crazy anxiety that returned after a week of no anxiety whatsoever. It's a conspiracy. I've spent less time online as a result but it's been good for me (less time online). Either way, St. Ulric and St. Dymphna are getting bombarded with prayers soon.

--- 2 ---
Another reason for the lack of blog posts is because I have been live tweeting during the Olympics (more specifically, during the U.S. Women's National Team matches) and I get tired of typing for two straight hours. It's been fun though, as you've probably read on twitter.
--- 3 ---

Speaking of the USWNT, a massive "Congrats" to them for winning yesterday. I sweated bullets, prayed for them, and cried when they won. What can I say? It's the sport I'm most passionate about and I am a HUGE fan of the USWNT. If you didn't watch the game (or don't think there's anything special about the sport), watch a replay of the match against Japan and then tell me what you really think.

--- 4 ---
It's been so disgustingly hot in L.A. lately. We've finally cracked the triple digits... and seem to be stuck in them for at least two more days. I haven't been out much (just driving to and from grocery stores and mom's work) but I'm already about 4 shades darker than I was in May. Seriously. I'm pretty light (the picture in the previous blog post shows you how light I am) so the fact that I'm super tan and haven't been out much tells you how strong the sun's been. Ick. On the bright side, more freckles. :D
--- 5 ---
I'm very sad that I won't be doing any back-to-school shopping. This is the first summer since my reversion that I haven't been in school. I don't like it. I am bored. I miss school... and I can't wait until I go to Grad School! Academic nerd, party of one.
--- 6 ---
I found a job that I would love to do and I am keeping my fingers crossed. All I will say about it is that it involves the Church (though it's not teaching) and it would be something that I've had some experience with in the past. Prayers would be greatly appreciated as I hope to submit my application on Monday. :D
--- 7 ---
I am going to read The Hobbit for the first time for a book review. I've had false start (I haven't finished it) but I am determined to get through it this weekend -- from start to finish. Also, looking forward to the movie at the end of the year.
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As always, thanks for reading and God bless!:D


Lindsay said...

I tried reading The Hobbit in high school, got bored, and never finished it. I did enjoy all the LOTR movies, though. I have no clue why The Hobbit movie will be in three parts, though. That's just not just a thing you do, moviemakers! It's not a trend like "superheroes."

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Awww Em, hopefully you will get better with regards to the anxiety stuff. Hey considered praying to St. Rita of Cascia? She's the "Saint of the Impossible". Great story how she could endure so much suffering yet was strong and persevered through it all.

Too bad your job in the Church wasn't Youth Ministry. Sounds like you'd be good for that being a young adult having survived Heretic Heck (I'd use the full name if it wasn't sacreligious).

Anyways all the best. YCRCM.

Anonymous said...

That game was awesome! I don't normally watch football (see, I did that for you ;) ) but I did this time. Totally worth it.
I miss back to school shopping too. Booo growing up!