Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes #1

--- 1 ---
I've been contemplating doing these since I see a lot of my #CathSorority gals posting it up on their blogs. I think it'll be good as it'll keep me actively blogging without having to worry about some super amazing post that will take me a while to write. I hope to continue this tradition every Friday.

--- 2 ---
 I applied for a job (which is based in New York City) that I could've done at home and I was very excited about it until I found out that they would not even look at my application because of some ridiculous laws the state of California has regarding taxes. If I lived elsewhere, I would've had a decent shot at it. Thanks for continually messing things up for me, California. *thumbs up* lol. Seriously, though, job hunt continues.

--- 3 ---
I have come to the conclusion that I may forever be a tomboy... and I am surprisingly okay with that. I'm been on a health kick lately, wanting to get into running and being my old athletic self, mostly because I miss being active. I still have my uber girly side (if you've ever seen my wardrobe, you'd understand; lots of pinks and reds) but I'm getting to the point where I'm so comfortable in my skin that even when I'm wearing sweats, sneakers, and my hair in a ponytail I still feel feminine.

--- 4 ---
This week I've been more actively conversing with my #CathSorority gals and it's been like a breath of fresh air for me. I know I've mentioned it before but I really don't have many girl friends I hang out with because I loathe cattiness and the drama that goes with so much estrogen in one room. It's great to have the support of gals who feel the same way... and who, through their friendships, are helping me get closer to God.

--- 5 ---
I keep having dreams that I'm traveling with both of my parents. So far I've been to Vancouver as well as a couple of places in Europe. I know it's the travel bug starting once again but, being jobless and having no more savings, I know it'll be a while until I can get out of California again.

--- 6 ---
Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies will be the end of me. I just discovered them and my self-control is getting a workout because of how delicious they are. lol. Thankfully they are dairy and egg free.

--- 7 ---
I know y'all will probably get sick of hearing about this but can I just say how helpless I felt when I heard about the Aurora, CO shooting? When I learned that a 3 month-old baby was a victim, I had to keep myself from tearing up. Prayers for all those who were affected by this tragedy.

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That's all for this edition.

Everyone have a great weekend and God bless. :D

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