Friday, June 15, 2012

"I Won't Give Up," and Neither Should You

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been busier than I expected in the last couple of days. My anxiety is slowly coming down and I'm in better spirits than I was earlier this month. I still have a lot to pray and think about but I'm getting there. :)

Anyway, I don't want to make this too long. Really, I just wanted to share this video of Jason Mraz explaining where the inspiration to his beautiful song, "I Won't Give Up," came from. I have a friend who is currently going through a very hard time and is doing a lot of self-destructive things (please keep her in your prayers) so this hit close to home.

Though I personally have never gotten to the place Jason did, I've known people who have. Agree with what he says or not, if there's one thing you take out of watching this video, I hope that it's that we're never truly alone. Even when we're in our darkest moments, God is there with us every step of the way. He won't give up on us no matter what we do or think and we shouldn't give up our Faith or hope that things will get better... because they will.

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