Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Single So My Life Is Worthless

For the record, the title was not meant to be taken seriously. Like, at all. ;)

I've had a really BAD anxiety day so I have nothing good to post. Because of this, I've decided to post another one of my favorite Blimey Cow videos along with a challenge.

Having a mother that has her Mrs. Bennet moments (on an almost daily basis) and having acquaintances who bemoan the fact that they're single and how their biological clock is ticking... when they're younger than I am... made me appreciate this video. One of my best friends and I have running inside jokes about the whole situation (being single with no hurry of finding a guy or getting married immediately despite feeling pressured by people around us) and a lot of what we say is contained in this video.

As Jordan said, being single can be fun. So, single #cathsorority gals, here is my challenge for some of you: make a list of everything you want to accomplish before God sends the right guy your way... and do it. Want to finish your degree? Do it. Want to start a career? Do it. Want to focus on bettering yourself so that when the right guy comes along and you decide the settle down you'll be ready? Please do it. Also, don't forget to write down how you want to better your spiritual life. Got that list written? Good. I should now put this disclaimer: the right guy may come along before you complete your list but that's okay. The whole point of your time "finding yourself" is that you don't become obsessed with finding the right guy RIGHT NOW because that could be very dangerous. Trust me... I've seen it happen to good people.

Now, here's another idea: pray for your future spouse. I don't do this as often as I should but I do it when I remember. My prayer is simple: "please, Lord, let my future husband get to know and love You while I do the same. Let us both be chaste in our words and actions and may we find each other when You feel that we're both ready." My prayer is not always the same but that's the gist of how many of them begin. After you pray for him, focus on the only man in your life; the Big Man Upstairs. Your solo time with God is precious and I am willing to bet that spending time with Him will help you in your future relationships.

I love you gals which is why I am saying this. I'm not criticizing you; I'm only wanting what's best for you and I felt compelled to write this... especially after watching this video. So, PLEASE no more trying to hurry me or try to make me feel bad for being single. No setting me up with guys you think are perfect for me, especially if you only know me a little bit from talking online. I'm not naming names but y'all know who you are. I'm just figuring out what I want so please back off a bit. Thanks. :D

Now... any challenge takers? ;)

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