Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Senior Thesis Work: Catholic New Media

That picture is not of me, nor do I own it, but I have glasses like those and that is also an accurate portrayal of how I feel right now. lol.

Today is the day I start dedicating the bulk of my time to my Senior Thesis. I used the first 2.5 weeks of the semester to get myself used to the other classes and now it's time to buckle down and really start some major research.

Ever since I reverted to the Faith, I've been saving (read: bookmarking) articles that have interested me. That's almost 6 years (exactly 6 years this June) worth of articles. I am so incredibly glad I've done this because it's going to be really helpful. I'm going through my bookmarks (I've got them in categories) and picking those which I know will help me out.

Now, if you didn't know and haven't guessed from the title, I am doing my Senior Thesis project on Catholic New Media. Specially, I am doing it on how we Catholics of my generation (Generation Y) are using the internet for evangelization efforts. I've already gotten a ton of great material from those who are most visible (thank God for friends and acquaintances who are willing to help out) but it's still going to be quite a time consuming project. I have about 2 months or so (up to Spring Break) to get the majority of the Thesis written. Don't be surprised if the majority of my posts from now until then have to do with something related to Catholic New Media because that it where my focus will be.

The deeper I get into the research, the more I feel at home. I've had the desire to teach or, at least to get the Word out (correctly) somehow, and teaching in a classroom hasn't really felt right for me. Maybe by doing this Thesis topic (not my original, by the way), I will be able to finally figure out exactly what I am doing after graduation. It'll combine my love of Catholicism with my love of writing and my desire for getting the Word out and educating the younger generation -- I won't have to choose between any of them. It's a wonderful feeling.

Ironically, while I am doing the bulk of my research online, I won't be using Twitter or Facebook as much. I really have to concentrate on writing this Thesis as well as doing well in my other 4 courses. Of course I'll still pop up on Twitter and give random updates but it'll be even less than before because I want to do the best job possible.

So this is my very short (for me ;D) update on why I've been M.I.A. and letting y'all know what to expect. I'm going to be sharing articles that I find interesting as well as letting y'all know how much more I get hated by the Religious Studies department as my college. lol. No, seriously, I think they've given up on me. It's quite awesome. (Side note: oh, and by the way, thanks for the prayers for my music prof; I missed classes yesterday due to illness and she was nice enough to inquire about how I was doing. We'll see how tomorrow goes.)

Alright, that's it. I have my first couple of pages of the Thesis to present tomorrow so I should go and write more. :D

Hope y'all are having a good week thus far!

As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D


Paige said...

How fun! I'm sure it doesn't seem fun to you, but to someone like me who is a total nerd about stuff like this, I would probably do something like your thesis in my spare time.
I understand what you mean about wanting to teach. I got my bachelor's degree in history and religious studies and didn't pursue it because I felt like I would basically be relegated to teaching high school or something. Since I reverted, I have felt the inkling that I might want to pursue a master's in religious studies of some sort-- I have even checked out the Augustine Institute since it's in my area. The other day, I was asked to teach adult confirmation and the adult religious education coordinator at my parish actually said to me that I should get my master's so I could get paid to teach catechism!
Good luck! I'll say a prayer to St. Jerome for you!

Emmy Cecilia said...

Oh, you have no idea how much fun I am having, Paige. It does not seem like work to me. :D

And, wait... you get paid to teach Catechism if you have a Master's in Religious Studies?

Thank you for your prayer. :D

Manny said...

God bless you Catholic young folks. You inspire me. Good luck on your thesis.

Jack Rollins said...

I work in Catholic Radio and I definitely know the importance of using "New Media."

Other Christian religions are way ahead of Catholics in this area.

I am so glad that we are finally starting to understand the importance of getting the Word out there in every way possible.

Good luck with your Thesis!

Sherry Lobo said...

Hi Emmy,

Greetings from another CRADLE CATHOLIC from across the globe.

I'm currently undergoing a Post-graduate Diploma in Biblical Studies from the DADE, Bangalore, India, through distance education.

I, too, need to submit a thesis by the end of the year. I really enjoy the journey of understanding my faith better and the fulfillment from sharing my knowledge with others around is amazing. Holiness is attractive and inner joy contagious!

All the Best with your thesis!

(Mumbai, India)