Friday, October 28, 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses. Laugh a Little.

From what I've seen online via Facebook, twitter, emails, etc. it looks like a majority of us are having a hard time with one thing or another this week. So for the next couple of minutes I want y'all to stop what you're doing and watch these videos of Tim Hawkins being awesome.

Remember to stop and smell the roses once in a while. We're all stressed and that's not good for anyone. And, yes, this is a filler post because I will get bugged again if I don't post something soon. I am doing my last midterm right now (argh) so the St. Jude (Happy Feast Day) post is postponed for now. :D

Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed some of the videos... especially if you hadn't seen them yet. :D Back to the front lines of the war zone (Christology midterm after all; remind me to tell y'all about the fun I'm having with the liberation/feminist theology I've been having this past week ;D) I go.

'til next time, thanks for reading and God bless! :D


Sarah said...

I love Tim Hawkins! My family can waste hours watching all his YouTube videos. The inappropriate wedding songs skit is one of my favorites.

Epiphany said...

I've just got to let you know that these videos made my day about 600X better. My roommate and I were nearly crying we were laughing so hard.

Emmy Cecilia said...

Sarah - The appropriate wedding songs performance is hilarious!

Epiphany - good!! I'm glad! I've kept the post up for a couple of days so that more people would see it and hopefully brighten up their day. :)

Anonymous said...

So very funny! Love them... ! What fun!

Manny said...

Very good, but I really laughed hard on the wife one! Thanks.