Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ouch! Update.

No big entry tonight since the soreness from the tetanus shot has begun. Yes, I got my tetanus shot today... which I was not expecting. I went in for the check up (which went great; thyroid lymph node hasn't grown AND I am back to my normal weight) and came out with the shot. Boo. lol. Well, I had to get it sooner or later because it was required at all schools I'm applying to transfer next semester. I have heard horror stories about the tetanus shots (everything from severe allergic reactions to feeling like you have a bad flu) which is making me nervous. Thanks a lot, guys! Way to scare the girl with the anxiety disorder. lol. I am trying to staying calm, though, 'cause I apparently have never had a reaction with this shot before... and I know that if I do get a reaction, it won't last too long. Yeah... *whimpers*

No horror story comments, please. I'm already nervous as it is. See? Not easy living with anxiety... even if you're pretty rational. :)

Alright, I hope to update y'all tomorrow. :D

Thanks for reading and God Bless!


Kathryn said...

I have never ever heard of reactions to a tetanus shot. So hope that makes you feel better! :)

Emmy Cecilia said...

I have... and they gave me a list of possible symptoms right before they gave me the shot. Luckily, so far I feel like my muscles are a bit stiff... but that could've been due to sleeping all wrong. My arm hurts, like if someone had punched me, but otherwise am good. I'm more anxious than anything, really.