Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Back -- Update

I'm just checking in so no one worries. All is fine -- just swamped with homework. Isn't this typical the first couple of weeks? I will officially be back tomorrow (on twitter and Facebook as well) with a new blog post. I'm sorry it's taken me 2 weeks to write anything new but school's been crazy and I'm still trying to get used to my new schedule. I plan on being done with most, if not, all of my tests and homework tonight so I can focus on writing new blogs tomorrow and for the next couple of days. :D There is A LOT I want to write about thanks to all the news we've been getting via the Vatican.

Oh, and -- exciting news -- I was able to test out the math class I was taking so no more worries about that! Whoo! I'll write more about that -- and about St. Joseph of Cupertino is awesome! -- tomorrow. :D

Now, back to the world of Biological Psychology. :D Hope you're all doing well.

God bless,


Claire Christina said...

I know the feeling! Both of being swamped and of testing out of a class (I passed my Latin requirement after sitting in on one class!)... Unfortunately, you're more motivated to update your blog again than I am, mine...

My sole consolation is that, rather than Biological Psychology, I get to delve into the development of the Liturgical Calendar (it's harder than you'd think to find information about what things were like before Trent)...

*hugs you!* :)

Kathryn said...

YAY for testing out of a math class!! :)
Math = YUCK!

Emmy Cecilia said...

Claire - Really? You're more motivated in blogging than I am? I think it's now the other way around. lol. ;)

Kathryn - Yes! Hear hear. lol.