Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little Girl Gets Her Wish; Cardinal Newman News; Thank Yous!

A couple of weeks ago I read this article at the National Catholic Register about a little girl, named Emma, who is getting her wish to meet Pope Benedict XVI. Go Emma! :D What's incredible about this little girl is that, not only is she an abortion survivor (whoo!) but she was only three years old when she said (and I'm quoting from the article) "That’s my new pope. Do you think I can ever meet him?" This little girl has been serious about her faith from a young age, even talking about becoming a nun when she gets older. It's stories like this that make me hopefully for the next generation. I don't know many young people, including 20-somethings like myself, that would consider a religious vocation. (For the record, I also seriously considered becoming a religious sister until I got too many signs that I wasn't meant for that particular vocation). Oh, and btw, major kudos to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for even attempting to make her wish come true, even when they believed it to be impossible. :)

Another great thing that has recently happened: another Cardinal Newman miracle has been approved by the Vatican. It's only a matter time before Papa Bene can declare that Cardinal Newman "Blessed". Sweet! I have a lot of respect for him, and he has popped into one of my saint dreams before, so I'm happy to hear about this. And, side note, I actually made sure there were Newman Centers at the universities I applied to before I applied to them -- that's why the University of British Columbia and Oxford University were on the top of my wish list before I decided to stay in Los Angeles. Do any of you have Newman Centers at your schools?

Before I conclude this entry, I just wanted to once again thank everyone for their continued prayers. Dad was checked into the hospital yesterday. My mom initiated that whole process without my knowing. Without going into much detail, I did not know anything about it so it caused some problems because, as of right now, I have the say in what happens. I just learned that I have that power yesterday. It's quite shocking for me, but I'm completely prepared to take it on. I can do it. :) Anyway, after I told my dad that I thought it was a good idea for him to go, to stay under observation over the weekend and then have the tests done on Monday, he agreed to stay. He called this morning (really early) that he was checking out of the hospital because he hated it there. It took some convincing to get him to stay... and it happened right before he signed the release form. I honestly credit your prayers, as well as my prayers to St. Dymphna to keep me from having a panic attack, for making my dad reasonable and for keeping my sanity. I sincerely thank all of you. I get your messages, emails, and tweets and I am trying to reply to all of them as soon as I can. :) Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

And that is it for today. I want to get all my homework done today because we're going to go visit dad tomorrow. I'm also going to try to go to Mass tomorrow... and confessions in a little while. Did I mention that I have to walk quite a distance to go to the nearest church? Mmhmm. :D

Alright, enough of my stalling. lol. As always, thanks for reading and God Bless. :D

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