Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prayer Request

This afternoon my father got a call about going in for some tests to make sure his colon cancer hasn't come back. Last week they said he was having liver problems and today they called because (I assume) they found something in the tests they did last week. It hasn't been a year since he was declared cancer free. All of this with everything that's gone this past week... well, I don't think it would surprise y'all that I'm very overwhelmed. I've very sensitive when it comes to these type of things so I need to take a time out and process everything that's been going on lately. I need to take a little breather and prepare myself in case I have to take care of my dad again. Because of this, I won't be online for the remainder of the week. If y'all can PLEASE pray that my dad's alright and that if it's the cancer again, that they've detected it early. Thank you all and hope to bring good news next time I'm on.

God Bless.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

no problem, you have my number if you need to ring to unstress life if you need to :)

Alyosha said...

Oh my! I'll be praying, and for you too. *hugs*

Any news?

Miss C.N.W. said...

Thank you both.

Alyosha, sadly no. He has yet to take the tests. I'm worried but I'm not as stressed out as I was on Wednesday.