Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm Alive, I Promise.

Yes, I know... no update in more than week. School, man, is really keeping me from having a life. I also had an allergic reaction to some food a few days ago, and that kept me in bed for a full day. I felt so fatigued and just horrible. Ick. Also, I haven't been home as much as I am used to (LOADS of errands and school related things to do) so... yeah. I DO have a lot to talk about though. I have quite a few pictures to share, as well. I am hoping that I feel well enough to post a full blog tomorrow. Well, that I feel well AND that I have the time to do it. There's simply not enough hours in the day for me. Since it will supposedly be raining for most of this coming week, at least here in Southern California, the odds are that I will be indoors more than I have been the past couple of weeks.

mmkay, I should go finish my Philosophy of World Religions work. I have two things I need to turn in in less than an hour. Trust me, I am not stressed... or anxious... but I will be if I continue procrastinating. lol.

I will be back soon to blog-land. :D

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