Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Happy Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day! Being Mexican American, and my parents being proud Mexicans who like to remind me of my heritage on an almost daily basis, today is a big day for my family. You should see my dad's room and how he decorated the table Our Lady is on. I even woke up super early for Las MaƱanitas and Mass. I hope you all take time out of your day to thank Our Mother for everything she's done. It doesn't matter if you're not Hispanic/Latino... she's also the Patroness of the entire Americas, the U.S. included. No excuses! Pray at least a decade of the Rosary if you can! I'd highly recommend it! :D

Muchas gracias for todo lo que nos has dado, Nuestra Madre, Morenita Linda. :D <3

This quick post was brought to you courtesy of Procrastination. Procrastination, when you have finals and don't want to study. Not recommended for students with a GPA of 2.5 and lower. And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

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